the world at a glance

Bernanke warns of impending doom

but he’s willing to slash rates to help … fd2ac.html

China is being crippled with inflation … he-brains/

But their trade surplus is zooming higher, and they may have to (finally!)
float their currency

you can avoid some of the pressure of inflation and costs of transportation
by buying the worlds cheapest car … iness_mezz
(it’ll make Lada’s look like Rolls Royce!)

The ECB didn’t touch rates, … qqqx=1.asp

but that wouldn’t be the first time they held off to try and see what is happening they did the same
when ourselves and Greece first joined the Euro so Malta got to experience of being bored out of their head for the first meeting.

loomin recession or falling house prices getting you down? Hook up with a hot billionaire to cure your woes … ress/8737/

Northern rock meanwhile are selling assets in order to stay afloat and repay the BOE … 7720080111

if all of this is depressing you just be glad you don’t live on a dollar a day
in Kenya you also face the added threat of being hacked up if you don’t vote a particular way.
be glad if the worst of your problems is being short a few quid i guess?

Whats this thread about eh?
We can all read the newspapers, MortgageBroker.