The worst value house in Ireland?

Can anyone beat this for €550k? Check the photos!

I might be able to beat it… How much would a cell in Mountjoy go for?

wow, I almost feel sorry for the EA on that one!


He said it was “charming”. :unamused:

good point, well made…

he is pushing that detached Barna shed isn’t he? That must add 50k :wink:

(You don’t even get a parking space!)

(I like the outside tap though…)

There should be a “hall of shame” somewhere for crappy deals like this one.
I think the best (worst) so far has been this:

Can it be beaten?

There’s some fella in Bettystown looking for €175,000 (i think) for a beach hut. I shit you not !

190 square feet of shed. :confused:

or ten times the size with garden 4 bedrooms (not requiring ‘decoration’) in Sunny Florida for the same money.

:cry: Could buy this for 70k less near to Metro North stop and a short cycle to the DART at Fairview train at drumcondra and close to City centre IFSC etc.

Surely that one is unbeatable? Watch out for strong winds!

I built something like that with some friends when I was nine years old.

Do i win then ? :smiley:

Last one down to the bottom wins :wink:

remember this old nugget,

Fromer Toolshed on John Dillion St D8 sold for $350,000 (€220,000)

Thats €785 p/sq foot (this sold at that price) … 463840.htm

I saw this back on the market a year later at the same or higher price, I don’t think it sold, surprise surprise.

I think this toolshed is the Irish equivlent of the UK Broom cuboard.

So while the beach house is more, it still has to sell for that value p/sq-ft to stick/win :wink:

Lets wait and see!

Do you remember this beauty ? :laughing: Still on the market i here !.

It’s the entrance to this property that gives it that warm welcoming feel… :wink: … earchlist=

We could do an award and press release on this.

We could run open submissions for a month and then hand out our dubious award.

We could have other categories like, most full of bull EA. :wink:

To put it mildy, the beach hut in laytown wouldn’t quallify as a UN refugee shelter.

Anything on the market in Ireland that is below 30sqm according to the UN is noit fit even for a refugee camp.

Makes you wonder :unamused:

How about this bad boy for only €9,596,258 per month (€2,147,483,647 in total) :wink:

€2.1 Billion hmmmmmm… its a bit rich, but it is close to all amenities and its fully double glazed. 8)

In the short term, it might seem like a bit much. But in the long term, a property like that should work out as a pretty solid investment.*

  • If the drains start blasting out crude oil, and it comes complete with an army of slaves mining for gold day and night in the back garden.

Now quoting €500k

Same link