The worst value house in Ireland?

That’s going down a storm on :slight_smile: … 2055976759

trying to decide between these two for E650,000 near Clonmel.

Can someone help me, please? … ary/107279 … ary/105098

The 8 bed would cost too much in upkeep. The smart money is on the 3 bed, maybe even chance your arm at 620K.

But the first one is a picture of true rural idyll. Like something out of a Constable painting.

well someone disagrees with you - the 8 bed - Glenconnor House has just gone sale agreed.
650k (last price shown on myhome) - maybe one for the “Was that value I saw thread” … ary/105098

You`ve just made My home crash. The bottom must be in .

I don’t know where to start ! :unamused: … n-1/298547

what more do you need to know? 8DD

Inside, it’s like the interior decor equivalent of a Blingee (

Still, you’d never be short of a latenight snack if you keep the fryer going.

You add two floors to that and the fast food outlet will be serving pancakes. :-GC

Given the apartment firesales and the likelihood they’ll continue, how can someone expect to pick up €430k for a 83sq m 2-bed apartment midway between Bray and Shankill? … lin/108509

Usual story, ‘penthouse’ in name only. Nice shaded balcony in pic 12. Views of other apts in most of the other pics. Headache inducing.

jaysus thats unbelievable.
“taking in panoramic breath taking views of the Irish Sea and surrounding countryside from its two balconies”

No its not unbelievable its called telling lies.

Image 11…God I hate those ‘designer’ wash hand basins…

I’d be more worried that the semi d pitched roofs in pic 7 seem so close…to my penthouse ? How could this be ?

a site
land at just under two million an acre…
which would be nice work if you could get it

Why live by the sea when you can soon live in it?

A steal at only €675,000.

How about this for the bargain of the month!

Jeepers the bedrooms are small. And this coming from someone who believes a bedroom is for sleeping in!

Why is the sea sky blue…