The worst value house in Ireland?


Ok, it’s done up nice…but an E2 rating at the end of the day…and €552 per sq ft!!!
Hoping to cash in on the arty crowd across the canal in Portobello :unamused: ? … 6w/3300216
34 Mount Drummond Square, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 6W
€475,000 - 2 Bed Semi-Detached House 860 ft² / 79.9 m²
E2 rating


60 Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3
€650,000 Terraced House|3 Beds|1 Bath … in-1123288
106 Sq. Metres (1,141 Sq. Feet)
**€569/sq ft :exclamation: **

Asking price per sq ft is way off the mark, even for Clontarf.
For example, compare with No. 1 Seacourt - viewtopic.php?f=21&t=65241

And compare with recent selling prices of very similar style properties nearby, especially the first below (which has much more modern decor)

53 Mount Prospect Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Co. Dublin, Ireland
Terraced House|4 Beds|2 Baths (one bedroom is the converted attic, ensuite)
148 Sq. Metres (1,593 Sq. Feet)
**€376/sq ft :exclamation: **
Read more about #53 at

33 Mount Prospect Park, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Co. Dublin, Ireland

105 Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Co. Dublin, Ireland

52 Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Co. Dublin, Ireland

59 Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Co. Dublin, Ireland

4 Mount Prospect Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Co. Dublin, Ireland


Reduced to €550k. I honestly don’t know where to start with this


Is that a load-bearing drainpipe?


There’s a crocodile under the bath. I like that a lot. I think they should get a pass.


More worst value part of a house: … in/3396048

Have this 100% overvalued.


Still not worth it unless the crocodile is guarding another sack of Tom McFeely’s cash.


I think you’re mistaken. It was just a sack of cash. Not his sack of cash.


Now €400k … y8/3316989


SoCoDu would love that. Flat roof, exposed concrete, pilotis in abundance. A true classic. :smiley:


I’ll have you know that I despise that house :stuck_out_tongue:


Whats this? Irelands most expensive site that requires demolition work??

#3594 … in/3409535

€6m for this is taking the piss,


And it’s a semi-d :slight_smile:


Ouch, how far up from someones hole did this price had to be pulled out from
2 million would be embarrassing, 6 is just :sick:


What’s SoCoDu’s take on this? There’s no way you get 1 acre of coastal property in Killiney for 2m. 6m doesn’t seem mad to me


Agree with that. 6m doesn’t seem too much of a stretch - will probably sit for a while tho.


As an outsider (who doesn’t have 6m) I wouldn’t value it anywhere near 6m. Apart from the sea view it just doesn’t push any buttons.

Killiney beach looks better the further away you are from it.

Feels more like 3m to me.


I think the price is absolutely nuts - think it’s a case of don’t ask, don’t get, so they’re asking a crazy number knowing they’ll eventually have to take (a lot) less.

It’s part of a pair of two castellated semi-d’s built in the mid 19th century. Neither has traded hands since the 1980s and I suppose Gerald Kean still owns it, though I thought he lived in Wicklow these days so I suppose his ex-wife was the one living there.

Historically speaking, the price is totally out of kilter. This can be simply down to a change in tastes, but when Dunmara last sold in 1989, a 1960s house on an acre on Marino Avenue East made over 50% more than it (Dunmara made 240k punts). The Marino Ave East house would now be worth €2m at a push but yet Dunmara, which was formerly a third cheaper, is now seeking triple the price.

It is unique, though, in that it is one of the few houses in South Dublin with direct beach access, and has a wonderfully large garden to boot. Denis Desmond/Caroline Downey own the adjoining house and it seems to work well for them in that they have room for their small army of cars and they can (and do) land directly in the garden via helicopter. Perhaps it might appeal to other wealthy high-flying entertainment industry types.


I hate it when my neighbours do that. Blows the bills from my money-fight pit all over the place :frowning: