The worst value house in Ireland?


Was it always with Sherry Fitz? How could they get the pricing so wrong? It’s still at least 100k overpriced.


Thats been for sale for a long time now I think.


Hard to believe.


Located in a depressing little barbed-wire compound beside Tesco in Bray: … w-1034150/


2 bed 65sqm terraced house for €575k … -4/3474132


Next door went for 600k recently: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=704&p=844954&hilit=lansdowne+crescent#p844954

That estate seems to be disproportionately expensive, even in a very expensive area.

#3628 … 6w/3467164
2 bed one in the attic in Kimmage just 595k


According to PPR this house sold for €210, 000 in October 2012 … and-54990/


I was at a viewing recently for a different house with the estate agent for aideen drive. Every person who came into the house was told about the upcoming viewing for aideen drive. They are certainly trying for the owner.
However the reaction by buyers was entirely of disinterest. Needs about 200,000 taken off the asking price and maybe it might make in the region of 400,000 .even at that I can’t see too much interest


Reduced to 600k (at least that’s what I think it says - the decor is making my eyes bleed :cry: ) … -3/3395455


That decor is horrific


BER F. WTF. Instead of decorating it with everything from the Laura Ashley 2001 collection they could have put some insulation in.
And the bedrooms are absolutely tiny. But hey PP for a news at the back.


I assume they got in Mrs Bucket from Keeping up Appearances as an interior decorator.



45 The Stiles Road, Clontarf
4 Bed Semi-Detached House 123 m² / 1324 ft², BER G
€600/sq ft, dreadful BER, requires extensive insulation work, renovation, etc.

Okay, Clontarf is desirable, but there is much better value to be had there.

1 Seacourt, Seafield Road, Clontarf … n-1093717/
Detached House | 4 Beds | 2 Baths, BER E1
c.160 sq m, 1722 sq ft
€391/sq ft


I don’t want to be gratuitously mean but I feel nauseous after looking at that.


Me neither but…

Pic 17.

You missed a bit…

The ceiling.


1 Killeen rd Ranelagh, 102sqm and no garden for €825k. Even for the area its a big asking. 2 of the bedrooms upstairs have to go on a bit of a trek downstairs and through the kitchen to get to a bathroom. … -6/3494150


But it’s Ranelagh. Ranelagh. Surely any arbitrarily high price is thus justifiable? :slight_smile:


From May 2015…

Hasn’t sold. Reduced to 1.375m … in/3172863