The worst value house in Ireland?


I think at the moment we really need units and density. Sadly I think “personality” may have to take a back seat for a bit.


57 Gulistan Cottage went for 326K over a year ago!

also the estate agent photos are terrible and they’ve misspelled the name of the street as well.


I think they’re better changing all them into 1 beds as for this day an age 2 beds do not work well in 450sqft. One recently was converted to a 1 bed and went €370k which seems to be a recent record. All the rooms are small, the living room feels like a hall as it is narrow(less than 3m wide) and has 4 doors of it, the 2 bedrooms doors, the main entrance and a door to a lean-to kitchen at the back. Always surprised at what prices these make given the size. But they have ‘‘character’’ the street of uniform cottages look cute and the location is perfect for their market which is generally younger single people I presume. BTW in 2006 they were going over €600k in good condition… ouch.

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795k for that? 100sqm and not even in good condition. I think €400k would be more realistic. In 2012 ago one of the main houses (350 sqm) on Vesey sold for €685k.


Did that ever show up on the PPR in the end? Doesn’t seem to be there. It worked nicely enough as a 1 bed, though it had the advantage of being end of terrace and so having a bit of a garden. Certainly far better than the 1 bed apartments you’d find nearby.

I believe a couple of then have also excavated down and added a mezzanine floor.


SoCoDu is totally right. These are the kinds of houses that would be built in a country at about 20% of Ireland’s living standards. Oh wait, they *were *built when Ireland’s living standards were actually at 20% of today’s level. For the life of me I cannot see why they survive in an age when building and design techniques have improved so dramatically since they were built (early 1900s I guess?). Even for someone living alone they are poor quality - no open space or potential for any and small window openings leading to dark rooms. Any local authority/housing agency would reject these for social tenants for all sorts of reasons btw.

Dreaming aside, constitutional issues would make it impossible to every forcibly knock poor-quality houses in high-quality locations. The voluntary route would inevitably involve holdouts. What this means is that it is very difficult to knock a dwelling in urban Ireland, no matter how poor quality the build or how valuable the site would be for other uses.

In fairness Alan Kelly made a few interesting points on Article 43 recently:


It’s the shabbiest ad I’ve seen in a long time. The photos have managed to highlight:

-how tight parking is in the area
-damp in the rooms
-spiked fencing presumably to keep intruders out


I agree that these cottages are prime candidates for replacement.

Another two factors not in their favour are 1) the council yard adjacent which means you have all manner of vehicles (gritters, recycling trucks etc) squeezing down the narrow road to and from mountpleasant avenue. Local D6 types (who voted for Eamon Ryan) also bring their extensive collections of empty wine bottles to the same centre at the weekend. 2) Graham Dwyer lived there.

It can be done though, Flemming Place just off the canal near baggot bridge used to have a row on each side of dingy cottages which were knocked to make way for Mespil hotel one on side and another multi-storey building on the other.


At €458 sq ft for this E rated, North garden house on Putland Road in Bray, Ceadaoin manages to beat the normal €350 sq ft Bray price by a fair margin.

Whereas this westererly aspected Period on a not bad part of Meath Rd. isn’t shifting for €342 a sq.ft.

…nor is this €329 sq ft C3 modern 4 bed, located near schools and not a million miles from Putland Rd.

Undeterred, someone else on an unremarkable part of Putland Road sees fit to attempt an astonishing €512 per sq ft for a 1166 sq ft 3 bed with northerly aspect.

They should take a look at this very well presented, refurbished period (C3) on the fringes of the Burnaby. At €411 sqft, it hasn’t shifted yet and has been trimmed in price of late.


Another one who, for some unknown reason, thinks Putland Road in Bray is different. Goralough Mills has been on and off the market a couple of times. 80’s looking house which manages to cram 5 beds into 1184 sq ft (cue creative use of sloped attic space). In need of significant upgrading to it G Brrrr rating.

Looking for €503 per sq ft. At least it’s got a southerly rear for once - but that ain’t going to save it from going stale.


What the actual…

€1.1mn for a pretty ugly bog standard 90s 3 bed ‘detached’ in Donnybrook. Comparatively speaking that’s mad money

Compared to this more attractive 4 bed ‘between the wars’ semi d with garage and side garden and scope to extend/remodel for the same asking




that is properly mental


€690/sqft for a very average looking house. Absolutely crazy money. Interested to see what it goes for or if it goes at all. I would anticipate a price drop.


And a D2 rating, so probably slightly damp and heating bills through the roof.


Both of those properties (Belmont & Donnybrook Close) are way over priced. Christ it’s depressing.


Just don’t buy them?


That’s as may be but the Belmont has to be worth nearly twice the Donnybrook Close. IMO Belmont is a fine house albeit in need of an upgrade…Donnybrook close is just meh


That’s blue sky thinking right there!


For over €100 more per sq ft than the town’s average you’re not seeing a lot of added quality. There’s the proximity to Presentation and Loreto schools, but that brings problems too - the traffic around there on weekdays is mental. Surely they’ll accept less.


At least you and your partners conversation flow won’t be interrupted when either of you have to drop some friends off at the pool.