The worst value house in Ireland?


there’s nothing like a refreshing bath and a little lie down after an exhausting poo. the convenience is unparalleled!



When word gets out about this time-saving set-up every housewife in Booterstown will be demanding it !


I’m going to guess the room is not “habitable” and is technically a bathroom for planning purposes. But, wink wink, if you wanted to put in a partition wall after you bought it, who’s gonna know, right?


most attic conversions aren’t “habitable” due to ceiling heights - there’s no need to turn it into one giant bathroom. I can’t understand why they wouldn’t have gone for a shower rather than a huge bath, and partition it off??


3 Sweetmount drive Dundrum, D14 on sale for €395, 000, as EAs say this is one that you can put your own stamp on …
Any idea how much would it cost to complete the rest of the renovation job? … 14/3575094


insulation, re-wire, re-plumb, heating system, floors, windows are good enough maybe, kitchen, bathroom(s) - say 40-50k for an ok finish.
one can probably push it sub-30k if driving hard bargains, and a lot of DIY (assuming plumbing and electrics are done by a professional)


Hmmm I would say closer to 80k for any sort of decent finish, especially if you replace with windows.

#3689 … in/3547834

€881 per sq ft, BER G, no sea view, nauseatingly pretentious EA blurb.

Massively overpriced at €1075000

am i missing something with potential on this one? (other than the potential to bankrupt you)


And here’s another one for 380k! … -6/3575178

(Much better renovation, but surely not 80k better…)


Fall out of bed in Image 7 = imminent death.


I love the magic disappearing fridge.


The price might be related to the 150 ft garden with rear access.


clearly they are trying to sell the potential to build subject to planning permission but how much of the potential is being squeezed out by that price? I’m not a developer so maybe there is great value there in the unrealised potential. My uneducated guess is that the profit margin would probably not be worth the hassle. Then again I’m not a developer :slight_smile:
would be interested to know what the likely margin could be? I stand by “pretentious EA blurb comment” happy to be corrected if this is a wonderful investment opportunity i might be missing out on :blush: :laughing:


The blurb says it was, “built in 1922 - the year of independence.” My eyes tell me it’s much older. And so does the OSI historical map - which shows that terrace in existence in 1890. A quick check of Patrick Pearson’s History of Dun Laoghaire confirms the road with those single story villas was developed in 1850. Only 72 years out!


a 2 bed stuck onto the side of a much nicer and taller house, 100sqm all in with no rear garden worth talking about.

Flat roof, BER E

All yours for €1.2mm 8DD




Not worth €1.2m. The house is small but because of it’s address they think they can ask that. I would think this house takes off more value to 25 than what 26 is actually worth.


€1200/sq ft. Wow.


We have an all time winner


€1,125/sq ft? I’ll take two!