The worst value house in Ireland?


Indeed. lick of paint, some new floors (cheapo laminate though looking at the pictures), some general decorating.
They probably spent the guts of 5 grant:

The BER report is some good read I have to say.

This place should cost 200K, not 600. What a joke.

EDIT: I take everything back. THERE IS A BAR IN THE HOUSE! At least your drinks will be cold.


Myhome ads contain the BER number, so you can look up the BER report here ( and at get an idea why it’s an F. But if it’s an F it’s probably going to be pretty cold…


3 Willbrook Street, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14
€395,000 - 2 Bed Cottage 79.4 m² / 855 ft² BER F … 14/3609086


My goodness that’s white.

#3726 … 14/3552236

800K for this gem, FFS - can it get any worse than this? But hey tell me again how there is no bubble in Dublin, I love that one :slight_smile:


But but but - it’s a blank canvas


I’d only be buying it for the original wooden flooring (especially that tri-tone parquet in the hallway) but at nearly 8 grand/m² I think I’d find a source elsewhere…

What has the world come to? :unamused:

#3729 … -8/3626979

Eh, is what I see in picture 7 one of the three ‘en-suites’?

#3730 … in/3634815

€895k for 1200 sq ft of demolition-ready house. €756/sq ft + demolition cost + build cost.


Looks odd alright. I presume it was done so that the three bedrooms could be rented out individually as en suites. If you were buying it to make it a single family home you would take it out straight away. 4 bathrooms in a relatively modestly sized house is at least 2 too many in my opinion. One large bathroom upstairs and one wc downstairs is probably ideal for that house.

It would take a bit of work by the looks of things. Probably bedroom two should be made the main bathroom with possibly bedroom 1 partitioned if needs must.


Reverse Bedroom 3 with the ensuite as is the case with most of these 1/2 landing returns

You could also get 1 decent bedroom and a large boxroom out of the large bedroom 1 - or if you prefer put a decent ensuite in that front bedroom leaving it as a 3 bed. And you would have to remove the god awful corner ensuite from bedroom 2 but TBH for €930k I would hope to not have to do that sort of crap in Portobello…


That is some garden, and great potential but that price is nearer to turn-key condition


Exactly. It’s a lovely site priced as a house.
This being Ireland you’ll get some sap spending another €250/sq ft to restore it to its 1930s splendour and gluing a glass box on the back of it.


It’s an absolutely insane price. I weep for the future, with property bubbles all over the world popping or close to popping, markets making huge topping formations and central banks running out of credibility, what will Dubliners feel like when they realise they have bet the farm on this nonsense all over again. Boiled frogs…



I like it - All in €1.4m will see 3k+ sq ft house on one of the nicer/quieter roads in Booterstown with 100 ft+ back garden.




When I hear people talking like this I can rest my case.


A good architect could produce something comparabele to 34 Hampton Park except you would have the 100ft+ south facing garden


:laughing: except (unlike you) I am an experienced investor who has an uncanny ability to accurately spot value in the market.


True but on a road I like less, with more traffic. I don’t think you’d do 3000 sq ft for that price either, not at that level of finish. Still cheaper than 34 Hampton Park, true. For good reason though.

Although the rumoured price of 34 is insane also.