The worst value house in Ireland?


What is now apparent is that the Paddies cant handle sunshine. They get drunk on its power and start to believe their shitboxes are worth north of 1m.


The structure has no value except in having established planning. The site is approx 0.16 acre. So that’s 5.6m/acre in Booterstown.

On that basis the nearby golf course would be worth about 470m if zoned for residential.

Is that really true? Nearly half a billion for a golf course?

400 acres of Cherrywood sold for about 280m. That’s 700k/acre.

Is land in Booterstown worth eight times more than Cherrywood?


14 Clyde Lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4
€1,700,000 - 5 Bed Mews 190 m² / 2045 ft² For Sale
I really do not like much about this house other than the street it’s on.


14 Clyde Lane looks like a caricature of an American faux-French McMansion’s pool house… Surely they could’ve gotten something better onto that site :unamused:


50 Marguerite Road, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 … n-1249372/
“Semi-Detached House | 3 Beds | 1 Bath” (actually looks terraced to me!)
No BER given :angry: but I doubt it’s an A/B/C/D.
“Walk in to Yesteryear” says the blurb. Indeed!
114.5 Sq. Metres (1,232 Sq. Feet), €466/sq ft


2 Del Val Court, Del Val Avenue, Sutton, Dublin 13 (really in Bayside, far from true Sutton) … 13/3646791
€585,000 - 4 Bed Semi-Detached House 119 m² / 1281 ft², BER C2
€456/sq ft

The adjoining semi, 1 Del Var Court is asking €370k (though it hasn’t been extended like No. 2 has - that said, 215k will buy you a fair bit of extension, with change left over) … 13/3440211

No. 2 is more or less the same price, and price per sq/ft, as this house in the much more desired area of Clontarf, right beside St Anne’s Park. Also, the house in Clontarf, though lacking a kitchen extension, has 2 bathrooms upstairs, not just 1 like 2 Del Val Court. … -3/3646643


I acknowledge the asking price is high but does this really deserve to be in the worst value house in Ireland?

It is after all a freshly renovated property at €457 per sq ft in an OK part of Dublin.


Now 795k

#3750 … -6/3610655

Over a million in asking price :open_mouth:

Average rent for 3 beds in area is €2500 (crazy since i last lived in area long time ago) a month

Just does not compute


Ah, but (like a lot of houses featured on this thread on the high end, actually…) it’s got an Aga! Aga people couldn’t sell for six figures, like commoners!

I kind of like the old radiator, though.


Sale agreed


I’d still consider it better bang for buck than what they offer for same money in Clonskeagh: … -6/3673663


God, that is dire. Terrible orientation too.


id agree its a horrible house, but its basically in donnybrook / milltown

nice location


Latest entry 23 clarance mangan road.
Terraced 3 bed, D8 no BER number included but BER E1
Seems to be west facing garden
A mere 5550 / sq metre at 480,000
The stained carpet is included in the price, Madam. … pertyAlert


So half a mill to live in the Tenters now?
The boom is back!


I like the adventure playground in the patio! :wink:



For a house that either needs to be demolished or refurbished completely.

In a seaside town in the west of Ireland.

On .375 of a acre


You’re paying extra for it being in an alternate universe where the definition of meters is different.


Wow. No off-street parking either.

You could maybe replace the extension with something more substantial but the rooms will always be small.

Three on this road changed hands for under €220k in 2012 btw. Maybe there was something in that LTEV thing…