The worst value house in Ireland?


3700 sq ft villa on the seafront in Bray asking 1.6mil. I recall it being up before at some equally ludicrous price and being withdrawn. This property is perhaps 100% overpriced - when you consider that a location on the seafront detracts substantially, especially when there’s a string of superpubs immediately to one side. A 2 storey over basement of not dissimilar size a few doors up in okay condition got something like 550K off market recently.

Maybe value is to be found extending the chain of superpubs southwards.


It’s right beside Doyles and the Porterhouse, and backs onto the Dart line, would not be a peaceful spot.


bit of a flippant remark…but…wonder how many people got involved with decorating/fitting out that place…a bit of this, a bit of that…the kitchen alone… :slight_smile:


Now €365,000 … 14/3609086


Wouldn’t be keen on stream at the bottom of the garden.


Back again at 650k, BER F, same decor. :angry: … n-1308064/


4 Milltown Avenue, Mount St. Annes, Milltown, Dublin 6
2 beds Terraced House - 86sqm … -6/3808539

€700k for a small 2 bed house with dated interior and a sitting room that struggles to accommodate 2 small sofas. Bargain.


i was coming on here to post about the same place. I can’t imagine a world where dropping 700k on that makes sense. How do they come up with this valuation? It can’t be off potential rental income as that would be much less than 5% so maybe like the Drummer , did they just pick it out of their arse?


An apartment of about the same size in the same development is around the 400-450k mark, so you’re essentially paying 300k for the garden.

Is this a new post-crash record price for a house this size?


But sure you could sit on that sofa an stare at that magnolia wall, Jesus wouldn’t that be brilliant Ted!


Viewed this back in March/April. Words escape me… … in-4/21373 … enDocument


Yep but no bubble here right, just a recovering ‘morkit’?


I’ve always fancied some chalet living … d-1293938/

#3775 … -1.2854537

A 26 million euro house in Limerick!

(If you read the article and not just the headline, it’s really a 1.1m euro house, but never mind).


Ah c’mon that’s gotta be BER exempt :smiley:

Or there should at least be a rating below G. Something like I dunno “Milky Way”


One for the Flippin’ Heck thread (edit: do we have a reverse-flip thread? :slight_smile: ):


Flop? Flip-flop?


Pyrotechical planning; very popular in this country with pesky protected structures :smiley:


Date of Sale: 28/10/2016
Price: €1,100,000.00

Not bad for 100sqm!


Have to say I’m gobsmacked by that. Kinda scary