The worst value house in Ireland?

Not the first time this thread has noticed the old 'Pile of Stones … ’ for sale !! :laughing:

Page 12 of this thread for the curious.

And yes, it’s still available at the original €260k asking !!

You have got to be joking me. I have just roared laughing for 5 mins. I don’t know which is funnier, the build it yourself manor that may or may not have all the bits, or your man joking about a pile of stones in Drumshambo.

Please tell me that Irish people aren’t that desperate for houses.

This thread has made me LOL. Thanks a milion

Another entry in the pile of bricks category. 460k for a 1 bed cottage.

Ah, now here, for F***Ks sake. You must be joking me with these piles of stones for prices in 2006???

LOL. They just get better & better.

But seriously, when are the sellers of late 08/09 going to realise that that s**t doesn’t fly anymore.

Realism really needs to set in with these people

Great to read whats out there though

Love the fact that it has a garage with a burglar alarm:

That may be due to the close proximity to a semi-permanent halting site :angry:

Bonus, it comes with a skip so you can pack it in and haul it up into the Wicklow mountains for some illegal dumping.
€700k for a semi D in Kilkee Co. Clare XX

Even at the height of the bubble that would be shocking value.

I dont know much about Kilkee… for a minute there i thought it was some kind of western riveria ! :blush:

Looked up daft for similar 4 beds… nothing even comes close to 700k… :unamused:
in fact most seem to be 2-300k
It has to be a mistake… doesnt it… :confused:

sherry fitz must believe some eeejit in south Dublin will recognise their ’ brand’ and pay the price.

€700k for a semi in Kilkee , jayzus :open_mouth: , not EVEN in 2006 and not even if Sherry Fitz said so :frowning:

There seems to be an extra zero in that price.

Not if you see what the same EA wants €1.7m for

€1m for a shop unit with apartment in Kilkenny. You’d need a very thriving retail unit to pay that mortgage

€2.2m for a two bed apartment in the K club

€1.1m for a bed bed apratment in Galway

800k for a two bed mid terrace house in Athenry XX

€2.3m for a cottage in rural co. Limerick
Ok it comes with 5.5 acres. working out at €418k per acre 8-
(I especially like the way the EA has given the International access code for Ireland with his phone number, In case any savvy international buyers want to contact him).

€600k for a very modest looking bungalow in Adare Co. Limerick
Bottom of add says

the mind boggles :open_mouth: