The worst value house in Ireland?

€970k for a small 2 bed bungalow in Kerry

Well it does have to be moved so it ain’t really D4 is it :unamused:

They want 1 million euros and post one photo. Really going for the hard sell.

850k for a two bed house in Virginia

It doesn’t say what year though :exclamation:

650k for a cttage near Kinvara
Nice looking and all, I think the >2000 sqft claim may be a bit optimistic

950k for a 2 bed cottage in Cork
Ok with two acres, but if you view it as a site, that’s a very expensive starting point before you build. I just can’t get over the land mentality, any old scrap of land with a house, it’s all “great development potential” etc and the price soars. Unless you intend developing it and can get pp, the land is only useful as a garden or grazing/ vegetable path, worth a couple of k not hundreds of thousands XX

€69,000 for this delightful one bedroom “bijou” property just outside Carrick On Shannon. Hurry, it’s bound to be snapped up in no time by canny purchasers with a view to being touched up. Great potential 8DD

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34 St. Andrews Park

Mock tudor house in Swords looking for €800k

Relatives of mine sold an identical house around the corner in late 2005 for €495k. Their house’s condition was good and had a west facing garden in comparision to this North facing one.

Swords must be immune to the bust.

Eur4M for a badly assembled cardboard house, location location I suppose. … BWVK358113

“A unique residence awaiting completion…” more like awaiting commencement.

Things must be bad if you can snap up something like this up for only 4 million. … msg=Images

75,000 per m2! It’s a steal

Aha ha ha!!! That is hilarious!!! 4 million quid and the best they could do for the ad is a cardboard model!!!

That is so funny!!!

This IS a shoebox! … &Site=daft

€1.55M and it has been on the market for almost 2 years

They’ll have a lovely view of the new marina…eventually

Notice how the main picture is taken from a distance. Must be dangerous to get any closer

It looks sort of quaint and quirky. But €1.2 million?

400 yards of river frontage? It must be a very narrow site…? 10 yards wide?

Bloody hell! What crazy decor. Bit dear too.