The worst value house in Ireland?

OMG! That price is incredible. Maybe it’s the best road in Cork?

32 Oxford Road, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 … FCWH352847

Quality.Only 120,000!!!



I want to cry after seeing that :cry:

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

I wouldn’t put my dead Granny in there. Surely no one gave planning permission for that? :angry: It should be knocked down.

It looks like a converted fuel shed.

The worst thing is that they would have got the asking price in 2006.

open to offers lads…

so what would you offer?


Here are some other properties you can buy in Detriot for the same money as the above monstrosity:

Two scoops wrote:

Yeah,a bit like the taxpayer bailout of the banks in order to maintain the price of the doghole mentioned above.

On a roll here,it’s just too easy,how about this special situation, a derelict house nestled on the windswept hills of West Cork,
offering the discerning purchaser massive potential and real value at just 180,000 euros.Enjoy.

Hey guys saw this block of appartments again today. The one that had the blinds in it still has them but may not be occupied since all six are still for sale. The other five look empty and the garden etc isn’t finished it looks rough.

No longer shows an asking price so must be open to offers.
Looks like the copy was written by a transition year student with a hangover! Seriously read it.

“Close by a number of restaurants, hotels & shops” The number of hotels in strandhill is zero, nearest one is in sligo town (Great Southern), the number of shops is one, the crappy old beachfront stores.

“world surfing championships have been held here.”

No they haven’t and who calls a wave a “breaker”?

The house that is due to be knocked down is still there nothing done since my last post wonder has funding falled though?

Ah come on! Give the developer a break, these are LUXURY apartments after all.

OK, no pictures, no prices, but, yes, there is a but…
I am looking at ways of getting things moving at these difficult times ““Thank you”” to help people “” really?""make the move they couldnt normally make such as part exchange ,swap and now I am looking at the possibility of offering lifetime leases on these propertie :open_mouth:
This is new, no? Life time lease in dingle. Yeepee!!!
Must be me.
I take my coat…[discussion_id]=118333
This for a house that could reasonably be called a new house because nobody has ever, thats right folks ever lived in it. I am pretty sure when this was pointed out to me first that it was €900,000 but maybe I misread. This house has a wonderful view eastwards but it is in the arse end of nowhere and there is a small bit of a glut of vacant property in the area :angry: .

Id only buy that if my surname was “Statoil”, “Polish Coal” or “na Mona”

I suppose you could afford the helicopter then for the commute to the office :laughing:

I dont know about the value but it is absolutely the ugliest fecking place Ive seen in many a day. It looks like a place where half a dozen nuns used to live and the white conservatory at the front is an afront to good taste. Jesus they would need to pay you to live there and pay you lots. :unamused:

I know the place so the answer is most certainly yes. I believe it was some mild disagreement with the neighbours that led to the, em … retirement of the former owner.