The WTF will happen thread

The only political party pressing for Article 50 notice to be delivered is UKIP.

And with each day that passes the likelihood of it being delivered recedes.

What Prime Minister is going to deliver it?

Even if a Prime Minister was willing to do so, wouldn’t he or she require the support of Parliament? Achieving that doesn’t sound likely.

So the Government falls? If the new parliament is made up almost entirely of MPs who stood on a don’t trigger article 50 / hold another referendum platform, what mandate would they have to trigger Article 50?

Anyone remember the Lisbon Treaty? The irony of article 50 of a Treaty against which UKIP campaigned and had the balls to send leaflets to my home and others in Ireland back then being trumped by them is strong… … s-1.730370
Above will be a trip down memory lane for some here :slight_smile:

Speaking of the of the EHCR, Patrick Stewart done a great sketch video :smiley:

Brilliant :slight_smile:

Ah sorry :blush: these EU people are never good with naming things properly :laughing:

Boris was back peddling and looking sheepish on Article 50. You would need a true believer like Gove. Id assume the party general membership will vote for a Brexiter in their next election? maybe not.

I still fancy Theresa May

no, not that way … 140b0.html

Discredited leave politicians and false promises. All points to another referendum. Hollance and Merkel playing good cop/bad cop.

Given that nothing gets negotiated (at least officially) before Article 50, staying in the EU may not be an option at that stage.

Kyle Bass on China. … 2016-06-30

It’s well worth reading the entire article.