The year the roof began to fall in - Indo

[*The year the roof began to fall in * (

Recap of the year in property from the Indo. It’s been a while since we heard from that talent judge with the fat gob.

Yes, why oh why did consumers not listen to the repeated warnings from IN&M/The IT …

Some people have never seen a recession - especially if they were born in the 80s. They thought that the ridiculous property bubble was normal and that the good times would never end…time to pay the piper…

Or …

Remember this from Brendan O’Connor … 47118.html

The smart, ballsy guys are buying up property right now

By Brendan O’Connor
Sunday July 29 2007

Could someone forward this to him - Why is sarcasm the lowest form of wit?

fat brendan should avoid property commentary in future although he should follow his own advice and buy buy buy !!!

would not fancy him as my landlord :frowning: