The Yellow House, Strand Road, Killiney (-2665k, -62.7%)

Was 4.25 million

Irish Times link

Now 3.5 million



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1.775m … lin/211176

This stuff will eventually push all those 1500-2000 sq ft semi-Ds down from their 700-900K asking prices…

Now 1.175mln

still overpriced imho at 452 per sq ft. Nothing like the threat of a 7bln budget adjustment to focus vendors entrenched in fantasy land :angry:

What a difference 2 months make wahoo. The semi-Ds are heading for 500k territory.

La La land for vendor still.

Back to €1,775,000

Lovely house on 0.7 panoramic acres.

Unfortunately it is sitting atop some crumbling cliffs. One bad storm and the house would be unsaleable without expensive and time consuming seaward protection works. These would require all sorts of local authority and government approvals which might not be forthcoming.

Looks like the price posted on Fri was a mistake. Seemed like an oddly high drop since Aug anyway.

Now 1.585mln

Maybe the Friday Oct 22nd 2010 “wrong Price” will prove to be prescient 8)

Seems to have been delisted. I wonder whether it has sold, or the vendors have stopped trying.