The "you can buy it on your credit card" thread.

So, having started the “Is this value I see thead”, I a starting to see capitulation outside Dublin. Yes, most are red rotten but two examples here within an of our glorious capital:

Roll on the return to the 70s when you could pick up a holiday home in an unspoilt part of Kerry for 3s4d

Roscommon, plenty like this.

This would be a real bargain if it was somewhere else!

Detroit prices here we come!

Damn poshers !!

Existing ESB supply, probably cost €1000 in a rural area.
Existing connection to WCC water, cost €4650.
Connection to the main sewer (if it existed) would set you back €5350.
Existing Planning permission, certainly makes sites (SPP) almost worthless.

Ok. :blush:

Certainly not intended to make you blush, Mr A, more just a comment about how 30-40k is probably the floor for Wicklow houses because of the charges and costs that the buyer of an existing dwelling doesn’t face as opposed to someone buying a site fro a new build. Assuming that there is some level of demand, of course.

25k 3-bed semi, stone’s throw from Letterkenny I.T.

Agreed. You think the EA would have taken the car and bin outta the way before he took the pic…

25k in Swinford, Mayo

You’d want to be in the whole of your health and out of your mind to take on any of those.

The EA must have been too sacred to take any closer pictures. Looks like he took a few quick snaps and legged it.

There is a beaut of an EA pic on this house, ad is up over a year and they couldn’t be bothered taking a main pic where the neighbour doesn’t have half a dozen bin bags dumped up against the garden wall!

Drogheda - two bedroom house for 35 grand.

When something is at that price its actually at zero or less. You have to depend on their being a social cradle for something like this to be viable. It is no longer like the German and English who flocked to Ireland the proverbial Greece of western Europe circa 60’s/70’s Ireland to get away from the heady heights of booming Britain and Germania.

This is no longer a game of quasar.

Ironicly, it’s these prices that will revitalise and save these communities. New blood, new ideas, new culture, new life, new opportunities.

Not while while the teeth of Europe nash and the fools of lensiter house slash.

I wouldn’t be so pessimistic. Places like this can become refuges for the castaways.

Here we are dude. Here we are.

Yes indeed.