⭐ Theme: Light-BOX (beta)


Spolit rotten once more! :dipso:

Light-BOX (beta) - Somewhat a hybrid of pinstyle-x and light-x with focus on user posts.

Users posts are even more clearly delineated by a clean page & card type style formatting. Smoothly sliding towards a more classic fit and finish. Sure to be a page turner. This property represents an excellent opportunity for those looking for a turn key experience, with an ambiance to die for that is timeless, in a much sought after area … whoops sorry wrong site!

Usual caveats apply.

Desktop Only Theme.

Unsupported and tested the least of all the beta themes thus far.

Find the new website confusing - Users Feedback :gargled:
Find the new website confusing - Users Feedback :gargled:

This theme, I like.



Find the new website confusing - Users Feedback :gargled:

For those looking for an Avatar-less experience and more basic but still immediately informative view.

Light-BOX (beta) theme has no avatars on the main lists and may also lose them on the mobile version.

See image below.


Yeah, I like this one. Though I have to make a grudging confession … I’ve gotten quite used to the single user avatar on the lists. Can be kinda useful to know who was last to post. I may have to go back to pinstyle.


@ps200306 I’ll fork this later and put them back into it.


I like light-box and pin-style the best

Navigating the infinite Scroll - Using the Timeline