⭐ Theme: Light-X (beta)

Light-X (beta) theme is now available only to registered users - as it says, it’s BETA, so a bit rough.

The main emphasis of this temporary theme was to capture some feedback while;

  • Eeking out a little more room for content.
  • Create a more centred view.
  • Knock back the totality of the white (less whiteout / snow-blindness)

It also incorporates some other small tweaks that have been applied to the standard theme up to this point, users may or may not have noticed.

This theme is unsupported, and only briefly tested.

It may change before your very eyes - no complaints thanks. :neutral_face:

Users are free to use it on this basis.

If it helps address some of the UI feedback and does not break experience, then great - users can also leave bugs and suggestions in this topic.

To use this theme go to you user profile (Avatar top left).

Select: Preferences > cog (icon).

Select: Interface > Theme > Light-X (beta)

  • If you do not see the theme in the drop down menu - reload the page. Then it should appear.

Desktop Theme only.


Remember to “uncheck” the following option Make this my default theme on all my devices (after you select the theme) if you wish to use on Desktop, otherwise this theme will appear on any device you log in with - you may need to set the theme on a device per device basis.

First impressions: great job!


Good to hear. You may also like this mornings tweak if you hadn’t noticed already - alternating colour on lists.


Now pushing a new layout for posts.


  • user avatar appears above user label.
  • heavy username label differentiates posts
  • allows more width for content. (max thus far)


  • *Post font is now 15px - (default,14px)
  • Fixed post content to use more display width area.
  • Post actions" “Reply + Tools” box more defined.

*May negate the need to zoom by 10% or more.

Less is More Update:

  • Less white
  • Even more width given to post content.

Something might break but i think it’s worth it! :astonished: