⭐ Theme: pinstyle-X (beta)

This theme is kinda so horrible it’s sort of cool and I like it - it has been put together to capture the spirit of what some pinsters fear they had lost forever!

A style forked from the work of Light-X (beta) called pinstyle-X (beta) takes the advantages of Light-X and mangles the new forum into an old pin style for desktop users, even comes with alternating colours for each post - we are working overtime here folks.

Probably rougher than Light-X at this moment but the colour scheme and table border style are akin to a nice cup of tea and a fig-roll.

This theme may also suit users who want less or as little white on screen as possible but not fully dark theme.

GO to - User Preferences > Interface > pinstyle-X (reload page if it does not appear in the drop down menu)

Also uncheck :checkMake this my default theme on all my devices to use only on desktop/latop (you may need to set this for whatever device you log in with) as this is a desktop only theme.

Desktop use only.

This is equally as unsupported as Light-X and hardly tested.

Feel free to post constructive comments here.