ThePropertyPin and IPW in the Sunday Tribune

We made the front page of the property section in the Sunday Tribune.

This one may be slightly easier to read

Jim Miley, CEO of says he has become aware of the site* which is completely “unofficial and unauthorised. People browsing it may think that the list is posted by us. It’s not and we are taking steps to stop it becuase while in some respects they get it right, in others, there are a number of inaccuracies”

Jim Miley, CEO, My says that they’re taking steps to stop it (soma’s site) :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

Presumably as it’s ‘linked’ then they’ll try to stop us :imp:

Well it was bound to happen but I don’t see what steps they can take.

Its a site does surveys ifnormation freely avaialbe on the web. So what if info is wrong :wink:

However regarding those comments it is very eays to misconstrue that thte comments are directed towards us as well. Messenger killing agrand.

The author might at least have got the link name right.

He has it as

For those who can’t wait for the bi-weekly IPW report.

These guys are producing a weekly report too.

The total price change was €-17.8m up slightly from €-17.7m last week. In comparison to the total value of listings, this weeks’ drop represents an annualised decline of 8.0%, equal to last week.

Those comments are obnoxious.
Of course the BIG thing nobody is willing to point out is that we have a clear condition of EXCESS SUPPLY.

This means that any observable asking price is in fact well ABOVE the current marke tclearing price.

Prices have fallen further than indicated by transactions or asking prices as this condition remains.

I must add. An extremely intelligent in the last paragraph of that article. Aren’t these people trying to bring attention to their property??

“Sssshhh. I don’t want anyone to know my house is for sale”. |O

Do people think this will be some sort of IP blocking/anti scraping rather than a legal approach?

You can understand why Jim Miley is concerned. People may shy away from Myhome.

Interesting though that the fellow at Daft is taking a completely different tack.

Does anyone know if myhome has any affiliation with the Sunday Tribune?

So DAFT are going ot do the same, some added value for their site. Don’ot think the world of EA would be happy with that, their main customers.

His comments tend to imply some legal objection, by claiming that people might think IPW is “authorised” by MyHome, as if IPW was trying to fool punters into thinking it was a MyHome site.

However, I suspect they will try to block access because that claim is clearly absurd.

Its owned by the Irish Times isnt it? I thought they bought it a year or two ago

The vendor in the last paragraph has got it right, people aren’t stoopid but unfortunately they are too easily mislead.
If its overpriced it will not sell, end of story.

any else get the distinct hint in that article that theres more than 1 or 2 EA’s etc visiting the pin (myhome & comments aside)

the very progressive few of the EA in the last paragraph was good to read and hopefully is starting to become more widepsread

Gatelodge wrote:

100% agree. There is a hell of a lot of money sloshing around. The right house at the right price WILL sell. And unless it was bought 2 or 3 years ago, chances are a nice tidy profit will be made. It’s only when greed sets in that sellers get all raty about “unable to sell their house”.

Once the right house comes on the market, buyers will circle like vultures: once one makes a move, they’ll all pile in: a lot of families out there for a house-with-a-garden; a lot of investors looking for the right opportunity; a lot of buyers at the right price…

The only problem is that the right price is about 20% below what most people are currently asking.

20% and a bit more, before this is done a 3 bed house in Dublin will be going for 225k at most IMHO

Miley is off with the fairies if he thinks he can stop the reports being generated off myhome without a massive redesign of the site costing a bloody fortune .

Then google will ‘lose’ all his houses becuase they can’t search the site either and myhome will go down the toilet as nobody uses it to buy houses any more and its a waste advertising on it.

Anyway it will be easy to sql inject the data out of it the way the back end is configured 8)

What a godawful waste of €50m for the Irish Times. Miley is obviously not a techie or obviously does not listen to his techies :slight_smile:

20%, 20% and a bit more… Another 33% to 40% will be lost before we hit the upswing.