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I’ll kick off with a couple:

EA: EA is a standard shorthand on the 'pin for “Estate Agent”. You know what one of those is, surely? You don’t? How on earth did you find this website??? :smiling_imp:

VI: VI is a standard shorthand on the 'pin for “Vested Interest”. They have a stake in many industries obviously but in terms of Irish Property they represent most commonly Estate Agents, Web Portals like myhome & daft but also stretch to the ancillary retail industries that have fed off the property bubble.

Muffin: “Muffin” is a term of endearment on the 'pin that has mysteriously migrated from the forum over on And that explains that, muffin. :wink:

a few more:

daftwatch: A website written by a Pin member that tracks the total number of properties for sale on Most pin members have an unhealthy obsession with its unstoppable graph of doom. The web address is

IPW: Short for Irish Property Watch, a web site developed by a pin member that list drops in asking prices on and A great resource for anyone who wants to show actual instances of drops in asking prices. The web address is

OW: Short for OpenWindow, the guy who started the pin.

“The 'Pin”: short for the Property Pin, ie this web site.

I’ll make a slight amendment to that one…

“the 'pin”: Shorthand for, i.e. this web site.

I’ll get yis using the proper shorthand yet!!! :smiling_imp:

Canny McSavvy: During 2007 several references were made in the media to “Canny” or “Savvy” buyers. In reality these buyers were usually the exact opposite but the term was used in an attempt to convince people to buy property. Canny McSavvy is a mythical Pin user who is often to be seen buying asbestos filled apartment blocks in Miami purely on the back of a gushing advertorial in a Sunday newspaper. Once Canny makes his purchase, his first act is usually to buy a BMW and henceforth call himself a “property entrepreneur”.

Addition by Green Bear:
Putting lipstick on a pig. The terms Canny, Savvy & Shrewd are estate agent speak for investors who pay over the odds for property and don’t have an iota. They usually pile into property bought off the plans in Longford, Cape Verde, Bulgaria and a whole load of other places off the beaten track, though most recently they have been spotted in Manhattan, New York due to the weak dollar.

Smarty McBallsy: Similar in meaning to ‘Canny McSavvy’, a slightly newer variant. The well known journalist and highly regarded property market analyst Brendan O’Connor stated in his Sunday Independent column some time in 2007 that the ‘smart, ballsy guys’ were ‘buying up property right now’.

Since then, property prices have dropped further…

Can you explain who is flipper and what LL means?

**LL = Landlord.

Flipper = buyer of property who expects to sell on sharpish at a profit due to capital appreciation.**

AIB Capital Markets Glossary - A good starting point if you want to find out what CDO’s CLO’s, Senior debt etc. mean

i think flipper can sometimes be defined in even more specific terms.

a flipper in this case is someone who buys off the plans and “flips” the owner ship of the gaff before he actually pays anything other than his original deposit. ie he never lives in the gaff , never rents it out etc.

like a doer-upper except he doesnt “do up” anything , doesnt actually contribute much to the situation really!
SD **is short for Stamp Duty
**gaff **means house 8)
shoebox is a small usually one bedroom apartment.
**specuvestor **is a combination of a speculator and investor - a derogatory term round these parts

Rabbit hutch : see shoebox. Tiny cramped apartment/house not really suitable for anyone to live in long-term, never mind a family.
- Well Located Quality Gaff. Not easily found in Ireland, this is a property that is well-built, good insulation, sound quality, materials etc. Won’t fall down in 6 months. Also well located to jobs, shops, schools, transport links and other amenities. Sizeable enough to make comfortable living for couples or familes. Almost none of these have been built in Ireland for a long time.

And** WLGQG** Well Located Good Quality Gaff

Both of these phrases are hereby attributed to 2Gaffs .

Maybe a definition of Comical Austin and Desperate Dan and such like characters might be helpful?

Release Equity = Borrow Money

**Improving Affordability **= Prices Crashing

Soft landing = A situation where prices fall by less than 20% (or so says the Indo)

Hard soft landing = situation where prices fall greater than 20% :stuck_out_tongue:

" A Brendan Movement " explained Here

Defined as

**"Herds may simultanously stampede in two diametrically opposite directions, concurrently and in the interests of balance " **

Often used to describe how down is the new up .

Flopper A flipper in trouble

example: Flippers flop as housing market cools

Ideal project for an investor
A pile of crap.

Ideal for first time buyer
A tiny pile of crap.

Ideal for an investor or a first time buyer
A tiny pile of crap in a bad location.

SubPrime Lender
A lender who will lend money to anyone at a high price in the hope that some will manage to pay, and the rest can be screwed in court.

SubPrime Borrower
The kind of borrower that a bank manger would never lend his own money to.

My house is my pension
I don’t understand pensions

My house is my biggest investment
I don’t understand investing

A patriot, doing his part by buying his share of the empty houses that Ireland has produced. Only when every man woman and child does the same will the backlog be cleared.

Bear Trap
See Bull Trap

Bull Trap
See Bear Trap

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