thepropertypin - Ownership Announcement

Its been a journey.

Having spent a long time building up this site while having less and less time, a fortuitous offer has come along that I could not ignore. I am happy to say I have sold

I pained over it for about 5 hours but in truth It was a no brainer to take the substantial sum on offer. In this climate you just have to take the money and run. I’ve had to assess what I need in life and its not this hassle. I decide to donate some of the proceeds to the cats and dogs home which my late great auntie would be proud of. The rest I plan to spend on buying up prefabs and creating a new town at a secret location to be revealed at a later date.

I know many of you will feel betrayed but damn it I am fed up listening to people talking about property prices. The inane drone of nauseous D4 johnny come lately types here is in fact wrecking my fucking head.

If I see one more “as I predicted…” I’ll probably reach for the scream smiley. Some posters have descended to the ranks of trolls and others just don’t know when silence is the best reply. We’ve thought long and hard about removing the reply button from the entire site to be honest. However it was easier to just sell the whole thing to the status quo. Truth is you are all a bunch of closet wannabe property speculators clinging dearly to your 25 year old monopoly board game while you bide your time during the rainy recession.

Thanks very much for all your time & contributions its been great fun but its time to move on and cash in this asset.

More believable than TUG’s 01.04.2008 house purchase!!

Excellent Stuff.

should you not have waited another 67 minutes before selling? :slight_smile: (stop messing with the time!)

Nearly sure that it was Open Window, rather than TUG, who bought a house around this time last year - the likes of Two Gaffs were claiming a moral victory, if memory serves. Still, all that talk of the “nauseous D4 johnny come lately types” has a ring of truth to it - the sort of bearish outlook that was common on the Pin a year ago, and deemed “foolish” everywhere else, is now plain old conventional wisdom that everybody is claiming credit for.
Having to put up with all sorts of latter-day prophets, having done all the hard work when no one was paying much heed, would convince anyone to cash in their chips. :wink:

The world is ending. What a day it is…

First of all congrats to your success :stuck_out_tongue:

Truth is you are all a bunch of closet wannabe property speculators clinging dearly to
your 25 year old monopoly board game while you bide your time during the rainy recession.

I havent post much in this forum but i feel that you could have omitted this comment It wasnt necessaary… :smiling_imp:

My simple comment but Good Luck in your future adventures BD 8DD

How much did it sell for? - Were you offered stock options in AIB or equivalent value in Mars bars?

I hope you realise that sale agreed doesn’t mean anything.


Is it true that you sold out to the Irish Property Owner’s Association?


god forbid AAM also have a sense of humour (i think)

If you are trying a windup at least make it vaguely believeable. OW selling the site had me going for oh about 1.5 seconds so it passed a kind of test :smiley: but Brendan changing his spots, give me a break. Still it is good for a smile.

Can’t say this comes as a surprise, ALL the property media had predicted a surge in transactions once the spring selling season arrived, but of course who’d have thought it included websites as well as bricks and mortar??
Quite honestly, with so much rubbish now getting posted on this site, selling it while you can still get a price, any price, for it is a no-brainer.
So I hope you got a good price for it, OW, and keep us posted about your next project - with this knowledge economy thing gaining more and more traction, surely there’s never been a better time to start up another website?
What about a forum for investors modelled on the website in Britain??

Personally, I think it is excellent too!

check the date guys…

Yes I had a laugh at it and fair play to him after all the abuse he has gotten!

I am not a member of AAM. Can someone tell that muppet Brendan that we have a few more years of collapsing property prices yet?
I imagine he is happy to allow discussion of the topic as long as people agree with him mindless twaddle. Lets put him to the test and see if he can face the truth head on. I’m guessing the thread will last until someone posts something negative.
Lets remember Brendan is not neutral. He has invested heavily in property.

OW…ya p***k
got suckered :stuck_out_tongue: :blush: :angry: XD

He still doesn’t want Price drops discussed.