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A recent data dump suggests there will be a significant increase in the price of bedsits/studios in Phibsborough. According to the anonymous source, a complex algorithm involving the freefall speed of WTC7 and the length of Donald Trump’s necktie could result in higher rental yields in the area. A more detailed analysis can be found on




Once I figured out what was going on, I went long on hat and tin foil futures, and I urge you all to do the same


I think you’ll find it’s actually Phibsboro…and that’s the key.

Once you cross reference the 7 areas in Dublin that end in the letter o with the 7 wonders of the ancient world the true picture of the grand plan begins to emerge!


See the pattern???

</joe king>


It’s painfully obvious to anyone who hasn’t been vaccinated.


Do you think the pin has been a valuable site when it comes to Covid 19 and everything that has happened since February?

I think it has come into its own again, and a great gathering place for necessary, contrarian voices. Like it did over the 07-13 financial crisis.

I can see why some people don’t like that, but hey ho, whatcha going do


I have found the ability to vent about the crisis that should be no more very valuable.


I’ve never heard of an area called ‘Casino’ in Dublin.

Theres Marino Casino, alright but no Casino on its own.

Monto is nickname though, so I’m not sure if it counts.

As for conspiracies and lunacy… check out posters with posts in excess of 10k!!!
And some of them only appear to have been on the site a few times.

Ye’d swear they were bots if they werent debunking ‘conspiracy theories’ and following the official line left, right and centre.

But sure,who wants to be thinking new and different thoughts anyway?


The whole seeing patterns is an integral part of the human mind.

It’s when it runs amok that people have problems.

I enjoy hearing a well thought out and plausible conspiracy (there are many poor quality ones unfortunately ).

IMHO, many of these conspiracy stories you read online are the modern equivalent of the stories that people would tell each other around the camp fire.
With the advent of mass media, there’s also mimetic marketing and the search for new customers. (Alex Jones is a master of this type of marketing.)


These days, it’s so easy to concoct ‘conspiracy theories’ and other organised activities from what is in reality simple incompetence and off the fly plans to try to solve problems with completely uncoordinated actions by unconnected individuals and groups (governments/corporations) by joining dots that are not intended to be joined.


Thats’ what the guys in the smoke-filled darkened room want you to think …


It’s well know that it’s the stonecutters who are running everything. They control the media, rig the elections. Hell, all the media are part of the stonecutters, so are the cops.

There are just a few people around here that are disgruntled that they are not allowed entry.


Matt Groening’s Simpsons…no conspiracies around that guy. Not at all. No siree. Innocent until proven otherwise.


The It’s Happening+++ thread had:

  • 10 replies in 2017,
  • 50 in 2018,
  • 100 in 2019, and
  • 650 so far in 2020.

Obsession much?


Izzy Kaminkas /FT video on QAnon. Is it a game ?


Good post. Thank you for sharing. That’s a fair video of the whole thing.

I think the Q stuff is for an American audience and really doesn’t serve this site well.

FT Alphaville is a reliably critical, sceptical blog which Isabella writes and incidentially reveals conspiracies in the markets - it has always been critical of Tesla and the Tech Bubble.


Its a good video alright but it just highlights the current social engineering experiments underway.

I’ve had some interesting conversations of late with Eastern Europeans who equate the current trans-agenda with communist social engineering. They think its remarkable that people in the West dont see these things for what they are and are very minded of Communist purges and ‘not being free to speak’ as one put it.

They think that the UK ( where I am) is less free than Eastern Europe.

On the Qanon thing, I havent a clue what its about, but I understand they’ve been rabbiting on about ‘elite’ paedophile rings for years. The exposure of the Epstein shenanigans and his undoubtedly convenient death must give even the most cynical of minds pause for thought.