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Fair play to her, sounds like the “can do” spirit we need more of. Not all that doom and gloom stuff we read about.
How did that song go ? I get knocked down but I get up again

And now if you excuse me I am off to bleach my eyes after reading this article.

F**k what a start to the day.

:angry: happy FK&*N New Year. God, what a world we live in.

She just sounds like another Alison O’Riordan who was simply lucky to have been born a few years earlier.

Or maybe that should Alison O’Riordan was just unlucky to be born a few years later. Either way, neither deserves much in the way of respect.

I think this is great news… if one goes bankrupt… the assets can be transferred to their spouse.
But if both spouses go bankrupt… and have no siblings… then it’s different story.

IMHO, that puts the final nail in the coffin of the myth that property developers were entrepreneurs. The reality is they are just ‘one trick ponies’ who got lucky on the back of the credit bubble and are unable to turn their (or their proxy’s) hand to anything else.

Their practices, and the blinkered actions of the banks, diverted much needed funding from real investment in job creation here in Ireland.

Blue Horseshoe

I’d bet good money these 2 will be destitute within 18 months. Renting a multimillion dollar home in Conneticut. Keeping up appearances whilst leaking money all over the place. The ultimate insiders getting picked apart when they try the same scam in a different neighborhood.

Oldest trick in the book :unamused:

Only fucking idiots saw developers as entrepreneurs, no?

I heard Ivan Yates described as an entrepreneur on Newstalk yesterday… :nin

Heard that one myself. Most of the time it’s just about whether or not you have enough spoofery in you to convince a bank and others to lend you funds (please somebody fund my gamble to make me feel more important).

Can’t wait for the film.

I just don’t get this. Has there been some change in law? In another life I was divorced and my solicitor told me that everything from the marriage was joint - whether that be property, money or… debt.

Well Ernst and Young seemed to think they were:


move to americae with wife. hush hush divorce? get remarried a few days later? Elvis impersonator to oversee civil ceremony - optional

caveat - u have to really trust your wife!

This is a lift from the Mail I believe.

What ever happened to that store that was opened in Ballsbridge last year?
Not a rhetorical question btw.

It’s still there. Went in there once a few months ago and felt very lonely.

That store is a far cry from their envisaged Chump Tower project.

I live in Manhattan and a buddy of mine had a few drinks with Dunne a couple of weeks back in a midtown drinking establishment. He seems to have plenty of money to invest and is cosying up to well off Irish and Irish-American business owners in the city. A lot of curiosity as to what his plans are. He is small time over here but the city is full of Irish money in the property field and not all of it has gone bad. Fianna Failers are thick on the ground at the moment too.

That’s a lifelong trait in that breed…