There is no show like a Joe Show

Mmm Yah. Plenty of spoil on the mountain to fill that hole I thought.

Did any of ye see the lads who were finding ways of making it sing ( ref the OP in this thread) :slight_smile:

I would go see it to.

It looks good in a very bad way.

The important thing is how it sounds! … &Itemid=46

That Ian Lumley is a serial objecting prat with no aesthetic sensibilities, could they not get someone from the local Council to comment instead of that State Sponsored Supernimby???

Characteristic dome of sound from Lumley alright!

Thinking back; I recall seeing a Discovery or National Geo programme two or three years ago about some guys in England who had reconstructed Stonehenge as it probably once was with full-size fibreglass ‘blocks’ all based on the real individual stones.
Part of the study was acoustics; so they had drummers drumming, pipers piping and horners horning while wonks ran around with sound meters or whatever.
They were really trying so very hard to prove something about ancient man and his rock music - getting all excited at little kicks in the dials as they moved around and without the henge - still sounded like the same old caterwaling to me!

Who owns the land the thing is built on?

That guy with his goat horn was class … Rock N Roll ain’t dead.

Told ye - the solution for all these places without ‘soul’ that pinsters are bellyaching about - even in SCD - a great big HENGE! … 2-May2015/

So it took the Brits a day to sort this out. Meanwhile in Ireland it’s three years and counting.