There will be tax cuts for workers in next two budgets … 35546.html

Tax cuts for workers to be replaced by increased levies, duties and charges for consumers.

The Coalition giveth, and the Coalition taketh away

The resemblance is striking! :open_mouth:

There are no new ideas available in this closed “duality” system. This is why it is so often and easy to predict. It is it’s strength and weakness. It is the means of it control and controllability.

To become cynical because of it is a waste of your human breath and a missed opportunity to dance among the clouds… “cloud cuckoo land” where politicians fear to thread.

From 1989, very much worth watching all the way through.

I’d prefer that personally. Get better off relative to everyone else by self controlling consumption in order to decrease exposure to consumption based charges.

Encourages better use of scarcer resources too.

Doesn’t work if too many people do it, but screw everyone else.

Tax increases for self-employed workers, because quite frankly, we don’t give a flying fig about them :angry:


“listen Michael, were really fooked with the crap timing of water charges and those Anglo lads not been convicted a month or so away from the elections. We need something the punters can go for and something to save my skin, cause at the end of the day I only give a fook about meself”

" grand so, il tell everyone well cut taxes in thennext two budgets to take the pressure off"

"Your a sound man, up mayo "

Your a legend enda.

Its just a gimme for the well off. Piketty & Saenz’s research proves that taxing wealth and capital works and does not negatively impact growth.

Says who? You?

Piketty’s book is just a rebranded version of Marxism, and we have actual proof that it does not work. Think the Soviet Union, East Germany, Cuba…

Anything that keeps money away from our inept politicians and keeps it in the hands of the Irish people gets my vote.

Think Ireland, USA, Japan…

Bailouts, Bailouts, Bailouts…

I see you’re based in California. How did you greet the news of Toyota moving 3,000 jobs to Texas? … nites.html

And if they don’t go for that there’s the opposition leader tainted by association to a notorious IRA murder and the banking inquiry to remind everyone about the other lot’s hand in the country’s woes…

Slightly rediculous points you seem to be attempting to make. You’re conflating what anti tax shills and people who don’t want to pay tax, (like rich folks and businesses and strivers who think schools/cops/medicine/infrastructure will be better done by leaving people to create them with ‘money in their pocket’) say and what the evidence and data about wealth, investment and capital accumulation says. Oh, and I spent years living in Texas. I expect I know a lot more about it than you do.

Well, income is not wealth. Interest is already pretty steeply taxed, as are capital gains. I’m not sure what else you want?

Can you explain what a “rebranded version of Marxism” means please?

Have you read the book? or even a review of the book? Because, a great deal of very smart people seem to think he is on to something.