There's a new breed of 'buyer' out there, says Isabel Morton

Irish Times reduces it’s readership to cultural stereotypes…

Charming. :unamused: … 76029.html

This is unbelievable.

I actually think this sums up the sense of entitlement that some people in this industry feel. They want money for old rope, and now that they actually have to work for it, the spit fire at people who are trying to achieve fair value.

Is this woman an estate agent or “journalist”?

She needs a dose of reality.

Personally, if I look smug going to see a house, I think thats a far better state of affairs than having to look at a smug estate agent, looking bored, handing out brochures and unwilling or unable to answer basic questions about the house they are supposed to be selling.

I wont be smug. I’ll nail you and your fucking client to the floor to pay what the property is worth. Man, I’d love if some estate agent started coming over with attitude to me.

Saucer of milk and a slice of lemon for isobel


They torment the estate agent with tedious questions about things, like attic insulation and energy efficiency.

How dare they!

I remember when I bought my house in Kildare in 1999, they wee shite selling it to me hardly answered any of my questions- too busy looking at the queue of punters trying to give him a £3000 deposit.

This is why some EAs have a terrible reputation.

What a strange article. Maybe it is an attempt at humour, but if it was it sounds like the type of humour you swap amongst peers in the pub and not in public. If she really thinks that people looking to make the biggest purchase of their life shouldn’t be asking questions about a property, I have to wonder what the point of an EA is in the first place.

That’s one of the great mysteries of the universe :smiling_imp:

Although it may be presented as an attempt at humour, the undercurrent of bitterness makes it a pretty unpleasant read.

It should also be taken in the context of a previous article by the same author:

You can never buy at the wrong time

Denial to fear?

This reads like the story of someone who has just suffered their worst nightmare in that their world has come crashing down around them and they are forced to work for a living.

Someone has removed the rose tinted (property only ever goes up) glasses and the world is no longer such a nice place. suddenly reality has set in and maybe they have had their place valued only to realise that the price they paid has no correlation to the real value.

In laymans terms it seems the author of distress does not like the world anymore because there is nothing to gloat over the dinner table about how well the property industry is doing.

It must seem a long time since an EA just had to say the asking price and take deposits. :unamused:

On the money :laughing:

You can never buy at the wrong time (should be followed by) as long as you buy at the right price. 8)

Simply muck!

And bitter muck at that.
This bit said it all for me

… ah yes… your supplement is the bible and that is why you are writing in it?

All it’s short of is a heading saying “A letter from St Morton to the Bitteronians!”

The property bible? A fairly audacious claim. Given the tiny % of houses for sale in the market that now appear in the paper property supplements.

OK, I have some sympathy for couples stuck paying mortgages far bigger than they should ever have had to pay. And I agree with the no glee policy.

But, come on, admit it. When you read an article like this, and realise that someone who thinks this way is finally getting a dose of reality, then it does make you think that maybe, just maybe the universe is finally heading in the right direction.

Yes, and why would it be an embarassment? with open minded people like yourself making sure that the media doesn’t stoop to stereotypes and generalisations.

Bastards. Who do they think they are? edumacating themselves.
If they start comparing properties and thinking for themselves, who knows what will happen.

They’re finding pros???
Surely you jest!

How is a body supposed to sleep, or study their McDonalds Trainee Induction manual with all these blasted questions?

What utter utter UTTER tripe. This is. Is there a prize somewhere for worst piece of vomit inducing crap to appear in a newspaper? It’s had to keep up with the nominees.

Come back Liz O’Kane, all is forgiven.


Agreed, I dunno about taking the prize though, Ballsy Brendan still rates as the biggest bullshitter imho.

Isabel, when you find yourself in a selling job where you despise your customers, maybe it’s time to find a new job?

Things are so bad out there aren’t they lucky to find any “breed” of buyer whatsoever

what the f*ck are coins doing in the box?

“Find a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”
-Jim Fox.

Isabelle is having to work. Poor thing.

Does anyone think she even noticed the Irony of this comment being in the same article as the comments about reading glasses and hybrid cars?