There's a new breed of 'buyer' out there, says Isabel Morton


Wishing they were anywhere else :smiling_imp:

Even the most naive of pan handlers knows that you need some seed cash. Nobody takes an empty hat seriously.

These coins were found down the back of the sofa in the last house the EA tried to sell.


I do believe that’s cat pooh.

Poor animal mistook the EA’s begging bowl for a litter tray.

Still more than they deserve…

See the line?

I think we’re over the line

**poxy non glee policy **

I put this a close 2nd to the last sundays sindo’s offering in the claptrap of the year standings. Brendan O’Connor drops to number 3 in the charts.


Smarty McBallsy forever!!!

I think we need cateories.
Like the oscars.

Most ill-informed.

Most deliberately misleading.

Most bitter and twised bucket of bile.

Most original adaptation from an overheard pub conversation.


Most Divorced from reality

Most Desperate

And the Penny Drops award for the biggest u turn…

(Winner being the most complete 180degree turn in the shortest time frame)

I think I’ll add those categories to the awards!

Dont forget the

Why doesnt everybody think like me award. :open_mouth:

Currently held by Olympic back flip hopeful Jim Power

Jim knew it was a speculative debt fueled bubble all along. He ah, just forgot to say anything about it at the time…

He may even have blown some hot air into it himself.

An Award for most outrageous bubblicous political decision

I nominate Tom Parlon and his purchase of the site for the new prison in North Dublin just before he lost power and joined the CIF

What shall we call these awards?

The Pinnies?


It’s got to be the

Canny mcSavvies

Have a little statue of Canny himself with Gold teeth, A brass neck, the flat cap, Vote FF badge, feet of clay and stubby fingers clutching a brown envelope…

get “De fundamentals” engraved on the base…

Same old breed of crap journalism leading the masses astray…

Nah, not afraid of her. I’ve gone straight to revulsion!

there is a funny smell everywhere lately…

i thought at first it was just the smell of decomposing commercial loans

but it might be the smell of fear

Yeah - no way some two-bit fly-by-night carpet-bagger can come in here and take Smarty McBallsy’s crown away from him overnight. When Isabel has people quoting her ironcially in their sigs - then she’s know that she’s arrived. And not before! :imp: :smiling_imp:

I don’t have much Irish exposure at all, but I can safely say that over the last couple of days, I’m scared.

I’m actually really worried about the future in Ireland. What’s on the horizon and when’s this thing going to come out of it’s tailspin? For me, it’s the uncertainty that’s really got the fear-factor at level 10.

Reality’s setting in for the housing market, the exchequer figures are abysmal, a weak government can’t pass Lisbon, Bertie Ahern is even more corrupt than we thought, another FF TD caught drink driving, economists throwing in the towel, silence from our political leaders, businesses entrenching, share price drops, unemployment, emigration, oil prices making commuting from Navan unfeasible, etc., etc.