They're not making any more yiou know!

“Property is the best investment, they can’t make any more of it.”

How many times have I heard this little nugget trotted out?

One word.



yeah hello! You can build up !!!

Instead of this massive sprawl !

Im in Perth in Western Australia. The city has a population of 1.5 million. Doesnt need to be Manhattan to have skyscrapers in the CBD - build up makes it cheaper for businesses to be in the city center. Trains to every suburb. A free bus service in the city center. Rush hour is staggered as people dont all start at 9am the start work between 7 and 9am. Estates are very different here - havent seen a semi detached house yet - only detached. But they have plenty of apartments. 3 lane highways criss crossing the city. No tolls! It is not without its flaws though - property is very expensive and they spin that crap about not making anymore land here too.
Imagine that - Western Australia is comparable to Europe in landmass but with a population of 2million ----- no shortage of land here - its just nonsense and there is no shortage of land in Ireland either

Where did Dublin go wrong - it could be such a great city.

Where did Dublin go wrong - it could be such a great city

Its full of Dubs, sorry my Cork Roots are showing :laughing:

As the report released during the week indicated we are on course to be the same size as LA but with less than one quarter of it’s population. Having been in LA it ain’t all high rise but Dublin city and county is just such a low density city, if you ever look at an aerial photo(at angle of 30-60deg) of Dublin city you see how low all the buildings are and of course much of this should stay low rise(Some Georgian areas etc) but where possible we should go much higher near the city(within M50) if we want an efficent functioning, cost effective, low congestion metropolis .

Look at those offices opposite the customs house where Pwc and other financial service people are located next to Tara St Dart station. They are only around four stories high and were only built around a decade ago. It would make sense to demolish it and go to 12+ stories. The council are starting to approve these high rise developments but about ten years too late. The trend to higher rise building near city should see loads more aprtments near city so the price of apartments and office space should come down further due to this supply.

Depends on the apartments though. If the apartments built over the course of the past 10 years are anything to go by, they’ll be useless and of course the whole management of apartment complexes is still a total mess here.

See the likes of this apartment block. The residents should get together with a developer and knock its down and rebuild to a much higher density and quality and make a packet and get first choice of apartment in a new development. Its this chronic underutilisation of land that makes Dublin sprawl so much and house prices so much.

Good point. I’ve been saying to people for ages, a lot of what we have built is only fit to pull down and start again.

We need more provision for housing co-ops who could form with legal provision to comission such projects less the profit motive.

However so far the formula sees the monopoly for shelter firmly in the grip of the developers bank rolled by the givernment using our money.

Don’t expect it to change, there is no vision in ireland or at least it is strangled or thrown in a bag and dumped in the nearest canal at best.

God there surely is no plan. Travel is a great thing - I know many of us here have seen how things are done abroad. I do love Ireland and dont like to appear to run it down but what happens when oil gets scarcer with all our properties built in Kildare and Meath and Wicklow and even Wexford from which people are commuting to Dublin.

I hope that our regional cities can learn from Dublins mistakes. They are still small enough to be turned into real world class cities. Maybe Im dreaming. Imagine any of the small cities with a rail system to its suburbs. God commuter traffic could disappear almost overnight in some of the cities if done properly.

Cork has rail connections to Charleville and Cobh to the north and east I think.

I’m of the opinion that Cork has the potential not to be totally messed up and it seems to be the only place that park and ride is working effectively. That being said I don’t live there and presumably people who do might have a different opinion.

I think that Cork probably merits a tram system the only problem being the lay out of the city does not necessarily make it easy to implement. As I see it though, most debate on this subject, in terms of planning is predicated solely on cost and not on utility. You see this even in Dublin where there is a school of thought that says “metro is too expensive, we can do it with buses”.