His taste in wine is impeccable. :wink:

Yeah its all the Germans’ fault

An excellent article.

Teacher: “Woe betide the boy who doesn’t do his homework”.
Billy Connolly: “Good old f*****g Wobey!”


Ireland gets lots of mentions! Deadly, we’re cool…

I’m confused. He appears to be lauding the inflationary policy of the US Fed in trying to keep a bubble afloat and criticising the ECB for being cautious in trying to deflate the bubble. Am I reading it right?

strangely I got that impression as well. And then I realised it was from the Telegraph where Europe==very bad.

To be honest, the article looks like ever so much rubbish for me.

I didn’t get that imprssion. I thought he was suggesting that what the Fed was doing would have the desired effect “from the Feds point of view” but that didn’t necessarily mean it was a good thing to do.

I picked up a kind of sarchastic tone when we mentioned managing the crisis now and dealing with Moral hazzard later.

Maybe I should re-read.

Maybe journalists should be forced to use smilies. :wink:


I think he was using his piece to make a snide remark at “the colonials” in the US and obviously he cant do so without demeaning Europe in some manner.
I mean how could one call oneself a kard karrying konservative and not do so whot? 8DD

Ambrose Little-England was ( as usual) completely silent on the failings of the City as compared to Wall St or Europe bar one aside in one paragraph.

This diatribe is typical of his stultified world view , nuff said .

Thats it there in a nutshell. That the essence of the fraud that is fractional reserve banking with a central bank as lender of last resort. That explains exactly how private banking actually defrauds whole nations and peoples of their wealth.

Well the latest scam is to starve whole nations with the commodity bubble. Here is a much better article on Bloomberg, today . … refer=home

This kind of stuff matter way more than anti European diatribes from Ambrose Little-England

**Wall Street Grain Hoarding Brings Farmers, Consumers Near Ruin **

Don’t expect Ambrose to care :frowning: Hedge funds will ‘own’ the whole harvest by this time next year.

What ‘failings of the City’ are you referring to?

The City is up to its neck in the same sub prime , LBO, credit swaps and securitisation shenanigans as Wall St .

Northern Rock for one… assuming 2pack means the banking/financial fraternity when he refers to “the City”?

RBS/HBOS going cap in hand to their shareholders this week so that they can subsequently offload their crud to the BoE?

Oh there’s plenty of “failings of the City” - I suspect that more will show up as UK house prices are only beginning their slide.

Tapping shareholders and SWFs is one thing, NR pushed the UK public sector debt ration from c.36% of GDP to c.43% of GDP all on its own .