This Central Banker is Better than Our Central Bankers

We should get this sensible chap to run our Central Bank instead of the muppets who stumbled like sheep into the credit bubble. … nrise2.pdf

Thats a stern rebuke to the Michael Lynns of this world for starters.

The Central Bank is moving from Dublin,where this credit mess started, to Carrick on Shannon . Lynn has 21 houses on one estate there that we have found ourselves , em well, owning

The Central Bank will move in shortly . Its way easier to avoid moral hazard in Carrick than has proved the case in the fleshpots of Dublin.

Frequent fliers to Bulgaria will be questioned at the airports

We will need a rainy day fund and will massage your deposit totals accordingly , thank you for your co-operation .

We already have all your cash stashed in an underground car park, guarded by the l33t ranger wing, in Carrick. Ye can’t have it so nyah boo to yee.

We will compost it shortly.

We guarantee that no house in Leitrim will fall under €10k in value no matter what …and there will be plenty of what lads.

Don’t worry, the Central Bank is here