Thousands of professionals seek help to go bankrupt

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Sure thing on the condition they pay my rent and whomever elses as well! 8DD


This isn’t necessary, what with the ‘recovery’ and all !


Whatever about vets and pharmacists, I can’t see that there is logic in allowing bankrupt accountants to continue in business as partners or sole traders/company directors.

I suspect the lumping of vets and pharmacists in is an attempt to cover the arses of both accountants and solicitors - ‘if you hit me, animals and mothers will suffer’


Hello. Look at my cake! Isn’t it a nice cake? I think it’s a very nice cake. Would you like to see me eat it now?


Probably had a shed load of Anglo shares as well !


I reckon it might be something to do with access to illicit substances and the potential corruptibility associated with bankruptcy.


Hang on, are they not allowed to work, or not allowed to be directors?


Can definitely see that for pharmacists – oh, you’re willing to pay how much for a regular supply of Vicodin?

In terms of vets – could an element of it be in relation to statutory obligations to report things in relation to farming, and the temptation to “overlook” something in return of cash?


My understanding is that an accountant can’t be a member of their professional body. So they could work, but only under supervision.


Image having to give up your trophy home when going bankrupt.


Anyone listening to Radio1?
David Hall says he knows civil servants with 100 BTL’s :neutral_face:


A raft in a Tsunami. Poor call

A bankrupt signing off on the accuracy of a set of audited accounts ? Or giving an undertaking as a solicitor ? Or signing off on compliance on a building ?
Pretty fucking stupid if you ask me.


Or prescribes drugs to patients or handles controls substances or gives a judgement in court


No I think that’s muddying the waters. An architect accountant or solicitor dances with personal liability every day in their profession when giving opinions without limited liability. You can’t “double bankrupt” them so how can they go round giving opinions and undertakings ?


How does this play out internationally?. Many of these professional bodies are part of larger global bodies or have equivalents abroad. Standards are supposed to be fairly common across countries passing themselves off as western societies.

Please don’t tell the institute of chartered accountants of england and wales that the irish equivalent here (that had seanie fitz on the board) now wants paddy to practice giving out financial advice and judgement after bankruptcy.

The country is a laughing stock as it is.


I’d hazard a guess and say the issue is client money.


Doubtful. The Only professionals with client accounts are solicitors. And when they misbehave the Law Society makes them practice with somebody non dodgy. So there’s precedent for overcoming the Client Account problem.

Most professions have arcane legacy rules about not allowing lunatics and bankrupts to practice. Pretty sensible if you ask me.


Accountants hold significant client cash (depending on the field they operate in).
We’ve also had millions go missing from solicitors client accounts.
Estate Agents will also find it difficult to obtain a licence if bankrupt. Client money is a definite consideration.


Perhaps FG could tack the follwoing wording onto the relevant article while they carpet bomb the constitution over the next while.