Thread for Sale Agreeds Falling Through

“Sonas”, Chestnut Lane, Bushypark, Galway

Was sale agreed a few weeks back, but that has fallen through. This one is remarkable, because:

  1. it went sale agreed so quickly
  2. it was asking around the €700,000 mark and RARELY does anything sell for over €550,000 in Galway.

For a brief while after that sale agreed, I was seeing a bubble all over Galway City again…

I can now confirm that there were no bubbles. It’s back on the market.

Another one I’ve noticed falling through is Beechwood House, The Orchard, Kingston, Galway City.

Again, a very good property (although the back garden is very small) in a very nice estate, asking over 700,000 (which, in itself, is unusual nowadays for Galway).

Went sale agreed.

A few weeks later, all trace of the property unusually vanished off and, around the same time, an application went into Galway City Council for retention of its multiple planning infractions. Retention was refused. The lastest in the saga is that, I think, an attempt is being made to lower the height of the roof in order to comply with the original planning permission issued.


merriman hotel Kinvara at last Auction, was there myself 2 buyers fought it out…

Ann had one on the phone and the person who got it was an elder man with a hat…

Would be very surprised if they achieved anywhere near the same price again…

They want more than 3/4 of a million euro for that place and 9 out of the 13 photos are of the garden??? Not a single photo of the bathrooms or kitchen. I can understand that they may not want people being a sticky beak and looking at their house online, but that’s what you have to expect when selling. That, or the other parts of the house are in truly bad condition.

Did 34 Rockbarton Park, Salthill, Galway, not sell following last September’s O Donnellan and Joyce auction after all? … &item=0021.

I note that they’ve hiked the asking price of it up from 499K to 525K today:

I hope to have this data available on shortly. I have the raw data, I just need to spit out nice lists.

This one back from sold, and funny thing, 25K above asking 6 months ago, sure they hope for recovery.

good catch!

great to see the flippers back flipping for a quick profit…

sarcasim alert … 6w/1910560

sale agreed for only 2 weeks…3 bed on Mt Argus rd in Harolds X

Fairly sure this one was " Sale Agreed" ? At a lower asking too! Just can’t find a cached link!

The daily list of properties falling through on MyHome in Dublin is now available at The column you’ll be interested in is “Sale Agreed to For Sale”.


was asking 1.175M at one stage.

Thanks evilal

It did. Nothing funny in this case - moved in but they now need to move out of Galway. It is an interesting one to watch alright. Failed to sell at auction when asking €495k, not sure what it went for but probably a bit less than that. If it goes for anything less than €500k I’d consider it a price drop as there was work done after it was bought.

74 Dollymount Park - back again, same asking price of €385k with DNG, was previosuly Sale agreed. … -3/1443042

Appears expensive when compared to No.44(no attic conversion though) which was asking €375k and I believe closed at approx €310k earlier this year. See stamp duty calculator showing previous aksing price at: … -3/1372317.