Ticknock Grove, Sandyford

4 Bed,2 bath Terraced House 375,000
4 Bed,2 bath Terraced House For Sale - 120m² €290 per sqf

The Irish Times - Thursday, March 9, 2006
Take five @ around ?675,000
HOK Residential is quoting €675,000 for 18 Ticknock Grove, a four-bedroom terraced house at Ticknock Hill, Sandyford, Dublin 18. Kate McMorrow finds properties at a similar price in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, New Zealand and Thailand.

provost edit: removed non existing price drop details

This isn’t a price drop. You don’t have specific evidence and I can’t find any online.

Moved to sell buy or rent and renamed.

143,575 no more no less would be my offer here…

But in 2017 when an offer like that would be accepted will it be denominated in euro area currency B or new Irish Punts.

Seen the For Sale sign this morning while dropping off my daughter at creche and was going to look up how much it was. Some crazy prices around there 28 Ticknock Way is 490 for a 3 bed duplex.