Tightening The Commuter Belt

My neighbours hate the Kraken paired with the AE1s giving it loads, no Deftones fans on my boreen !

Once you become aware of the use of the term you`ll be suprised at what people invest in :smiley:
it was shoes last week :smiley:

Is it just here or is the phrase used elsewhere? I dont recall it being used before the boom :smiley:

Ireland has become a marketing managers dream!

I remember a old teacher of mine using the word in that context many maaaaaany years ago. I didn’t understand what she meant (I was only ten) and had to have it explained to me.

I think it is a fair usage though - 2Pack mentioned that both his amps are ancient but he’s never heard anything worth shelling out extra for since he got them. Quality gear can be worth investing in if it saves you money long term. And thats quite aside from the pleasure to be had from owning them (if you do derive genuine pleasure from them rather than having something just because its bling).

I have few choice bits of stuff like that myself where I certainly paid enough for them but they’re just so darn good and I derive such pleasure from them and they’ve lasted for so long that the were genuinely worth the money I paid.

Actually thats one of the nice things about the US - I find that by-and-large in the US if you want to buy a quality product then its a simple matter of going out and spending a lot of money. It takes a lot of hard work out of the process of finding a high-quality product if you want to get something high-quality. Whereas over here you’re as like-as-not to be sold something very expensive thats actually rubbish. You’ve to spend a lot more time just trying to find out if such-and-such a product is actually worth the money they’re asking or if they’re just a crowd of chancers trying to gouge you.