tighter credit criteria needed

According to Cowen we need tighter credit criteria.

Now, I’m sure I heard him saying a few weeks back that the problem for FTBs is that credit is not available to them and the Govt want to help with that?!!

They just say anything. In 2 weeks time they’ll be announcing the extension of Govt sponsored easier credit availability to the ‘lower paid’ :unamused:

Goodness. They’re going to make money available for FTBs, but only if they don’t need it!

He’s starting to sound like a right clowen at this stage and this from the guy that keeps saying that our banks are fundamentally sound :open_mouth:

Brian Cowen henceforth wishes to be referred to as the Sub-Prime Minister.

Very good. That’s one for the placards at the next protest.

how did we not spot that earlier brilliant!

Slagging off the decision makers is not going to endear them to our cause. Calling the taoiseach names, discredits the forum, and obscures the message.

This forum is read by decision makers, so try to keep the criticism constructive and not sarcastic.

It’s called having a laugh. Anyway I wouldn’t be too sure about Clowen & Co reading the pin. And if you’re in the public eye…

Short of a pile of cash, suitably packet in an envelope coloured that unique FF shade of brown, what are you suggesting?

Perhaps, but what, apart from the low corporate tax rate and joining the euro, has the entire government done in a decade and a half? And no, merely implementing EU directives (and being fairly slow about that) and having a strategic give-away budget before each election doesn’t count.

I assume, given that they’re by far the highest paid executive in the western world (in absolute terms - per capita it’s an absolute joke), that they somehow justify that pay packet with a barrage of innovative and creative decisions which better the country?

If those decision makers had anything more than ceremonial positions, this forum would never have been even created.

You can take a irish politician to water, but you can’t make it think - and you sure as hell aren’t likely to get it to act in the public interest.

i agree with vulture. it’s been an education for the nation. britain and holland have got four hundred years of boom and bust cycles to learn from, the US has two hundred years, tis is our first big one, anything that Brian Cowen can learn from the diverse experience on the pin would be good. i would hate to be him. the truth is we are in uncharted territory and for any human at the helm it is going to take its strain.
having said that, once things have settled, any attempt at “Didn’t we save europe” from the builders party will bring down a wrath of mighty vengence. as well as learning about how interconnected we all are, our politicians could learn an equal measure of humility.
they will have to practice what the preach when it comes to pay talks, but if they make a deep cut i think they’ll get everyone on board.

Brians, if you are reading this, Diplomacy is the art of letting other people have your way.

if that fails, kick the shit out those bankers, get the truth out of them at pain of death, it’s in the national interest (from the movies i understand that hanging someone from their ankles over the the edge of the top floor of the central bank will work too. also you wont leave bruises if you use a phonebook between impact and the skin). I’ll forgive you the violent transgression and judging from the reactions of people from the general public you would be gratitude all round.

Well better late than never

Mr Cowan

if you are reading this forum be sure and trawl your way through as much as you can particularly the early posts

Then do the decent thing and resign for lack of competence and out of a sense of personal responsibility for the fiasco which is the direct result of your decisions and lack of actions during your period as Minister for finance.

If there is any person in Fianna Fail left not completely beholden and compromised by their dodgy relationships with builders let them come forward although I believe the last vestige of honesty or shame in Fianna fail died the day Haughey defeated Colley.

To Fianna fail 8DD