Time for a "Signs of reversion to the mean" thread?

We have “signs of the depression” and “signs of the recovery” threads, maybe it is time for a signs of reversion to normality thread:

Exhibit A: Joyce House, Block 11B, Park West, Dublin 12


irishtimes.com/newspaper/com … 01144.html

I think we just found the new PIN HQ.

So anyone want to start the syndicate?

I’ve picked out my office, its top floor overlooking destiny. 8)

One thing I’ll be keeping an eye on are the deal sites e.g. groupon.ie/
At the moment I think they are full of spas, golf clubs, luxury hotels; i.e. businesses we have too much of and who are probably fighting for survival.
When we get back to a mean, the deals for these types of businesses should drop off.
(As an aside, I don’t think groupon itself has a sustainable business model, but that’s off topic).

Completely bonkers price for 1998.

A prime example of how government meddling in the market (eg tax incentives) creates havoc with prices.

Just so people don’t think it was a one off these 2 office buildings in Galway are c 2000 era and were never ever occupied.

1.1. (again). 2.

83% off 1998 peak celtic tiger mania prices for a shell and core finish is perfectly reasonable. If super cannies had not held out against reality as long as they did they may have been continously occupied since. :frowning:

Exactly, causing the unnecessary assemblage of human labour and materials and all that leads into supporting and making available diverting then what more needs for the maintenance at disastrous cost for absolutely no use. Thus was born the Mc Ponzi Folly.

Brown envelopes will never be the same. :cry:

Reality has definitely caught up with commercial stuff a lot quicker than residential. I suppose it’s a lot harder to maintain the aura of bullshit and argue against relentless arithmetic when you’re talkng about office blocks rather than redbricks. 10 X 2,100 sq ft apartments at €85k a pop anyone? Plenty of parking for everyone too.

Simple explaination.
Commercial is ruled by people’s heads.
Residential is ruled by people’s hearts.

Loft conversion - sign me up. Like the meat packing district of NYC don’t ya’ know.


Just wait till Grafton street retail moves into bijou urban pad with door onto street territory. Bet you’ll write the first brochure and all. :slight_smile:

Will be a dream come true.

One awaits the day when we can once again compare our premier street to those of the greatest cities of the world … New York, Paris, Peckham.

Why? Do you own a Reliant Robin??