Time for Article 27?

taoiseach.gov.ie/attached_fi … reland.pdf

this extremely powerful Article was complete ignored by the opposition in the passing of the NAMA legislation.

Blue Horseshoe

Article 27 needs a majority in the senate I think.

However, have a look at Article 26 wherby the President on her own (or with consultation of the Council of State)
could have referred the bill to the Supreme Court.
She of course choose not to - I emailed her office and requested she would.

Maybe was preoccupied with what to wear to one of JP’s gigs.

Article 1 would be so much simpler:
Article 1:
"The Irish nation hereby affirms its inalienable, indefeasible and sovereign right to choose its own form of government, to determine its relations with other nations, and to develop its life, political, economic and cultural, **in accordance with its own genius **and traditions

The President should simply do her duty and invoke 27.5.1.i. and let us decide ourselves.
If this isn’t something of such national importance that the will of the people should be ascertained, then basically nothing is.