time machine

Now now I think we need to be nice to the bulls.

2Gaffs, I won’t make you go searching all you’re own posts. I’ll narrow it down. There’s a whole thread about whether or not there are any fundamentals left, it was in June 07.

At that point you said that if prices went back to last years prices (I’m guessing last year referred to 2006, that it would make them a good buy. Now with hindsight you’re going back to 04-05 to find a good buy.

This is a stupid and ridiculous thread. Anyone with a brain who could KNOW THE FUTURE of an asset would use that knowledge.

That doesn’t mean you regret decisions made WHEN YOU DIDNT KNOW THE FUTURE.

If I walk into a Casino and choose not to play Roulette and 32 comes up on the first spin, I don’t regret not backing 32 or feel like a fool for not playing roulette.

If I play Roulette and get lucky and have my money on 32 when it comes up I don’t go around asking everyone else if they regret not being as clever as me and backing 32.

To do either of the above would make me look kind of well…silly.

I’ll let you get back to fantasy world of time travel and strong fundamentals in the Irish property market.

I’m heading back to the real world.


This Time Travel lark is a Bull sideshow and indicative of the fact that the fundamentals left the building (pun-a-licious) around the same time Stamp Duty was trotted out like the Goat King for a Day, feck a bloody subterfuge no less while all the big property players got their asses out of the market in double quick time.

As a plot line this, tangent of logic would surely tempt even the immortal Timelord Dr.WHO?

*"Dear Jim,

Please please please please please could you re run that episode of Dr.Who where he goes to fight property zombies from a place called the “middle-lands” on the mystical island of ireland, circa 2015 and in the background you catch a glimpse of an estate agents window… I hope to grow up to be a millionare Jim… please can you make it come true. I will give half the money to my mum and the other half to the cats & dogs home.


OW aged 9"*

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: