Time needed for NAMA to enter into Law?

Does anyone know how long it will take NAMA to enter into Law?

What is the usuall process that is followed?

Is there any special circumstances that will happen in this instance?

The reason I ask is I’m trying to figure out if the green convention on Oct 10th could be too late to affect NAMA coming into law.

Wondered about this myself, while the Green membership yak on, what is to stop Gormless and Co going ahead with a vote, as of now there is no mandate from the commune to prevent it.

Still got committe stage debates. Plus the opposition will ask that the president refer it to the Supreme Court.

Has to be read at the Seanad aswell, it could get held up there for quite a while if Shane Ross and Norris wanted to do a job on it…

No chance of a Marie Antoinette job then?

What’s your idea? Preferendum over. One off protests have been shown to be less effective than was hoped.

I don’t have any particular idea. I just wanted to know for the reason I wrote:

It only matters if the Greens might do something to stymie it - and at the moment they give every impression of a very happy tail wagging the dog.