Time to stop reading the Sunday Times.

“LIKE shell-shocked soilders comming under renewed fire, government ministers are diving for cover, hoping their economic problems will go away. They won’t because they are set to become bigger.”
Is the start of Damien Kilberd’s utter defrocking of any sense of knowing what is going on or how to fix it. He knows there is a problem and thinks it will get worse. Fine, this is the concensus view. After that he doesn’t even touch upon reality. He, wait for it, thinks we need to drop taxes on buying property and get back to selling it to each other. That will sort our ailing economy out.
When I read this I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I suppose I shouldn’t laugh as a person this stupid is actually writing for a big selling Sunday newspaper. How many people with no education in economics will believe this without question? Nowhere on the page does it say he is an economist, however, he is writing for the business section of a serious paper. If he is an economist and he is wring shit like that then either he has qualification he bought from Hollywood school of economics or he has vested interest in talking up the property market. Alternatively I can’t think why he would write this rubbish. If he has a vested interest and he is using his writings to talk up a collapsing sector then his employers need to either declare his interests or stop him writing.
I for one am going to vote with my wallet. I’m tired of reading his tripe. I starting reading the Sunday Times when I was in the UK and I really enjoyed reading what David Smith writes. Unfortuntely David Smith’s writings are not so relevant to me any more since I moved back home. Ideally I would like a David Smith (relatively fair and with real economic knowledge and insight) type writing about Irish affairs. Alas the Sunday Times sees fit to let this purveyer of property market verbal dhiaria use his column as a soap box to talk up an economic scenario which is killing our economy. The war time phrase “Loose lips sink ships” comes to mind. If, through his association with the times, he is able to influence poilcy makers in this country to make a disasterous decision to continue heading down the dead end of selling each other property, then him and his ilk will be responsible for the further deteriation of our economy and loss of the livelyhoods of vast amounts of working people in this country.
At least former cheerleaders of the debt madness have quitened down of late. Either they are now embarressed to show their face and spout the same obvoius lies or they have simply changed their minds in view of the irrefutable evidence. Better late than never I suppose. But this Kilberd has been incessantly pushing his rubish down our throats long after Toto pulled back the curtain. A testimant to his dull wit or his desperation to prop up his investment?

To save our economy and at least reduce the jobs lost, we need people who have no vested interests in property and people who are clever and have imagionation. We need the Kilberds to disappear. We need this myth of selling property to each other to be dispelled once and for all. We need to convince people that their houses are not worth what they think. Kilberd will simply prolong our misery by allowing the deluded to cling to the idea that they are millionares until the baliff knocks on their door with the court order. At that point I would imagion Kilberd and his ilk will be hate figures for many people who lacked the knowledge to think for themselves and relied on his sadly flawed opinions. If you have problems ahead, invariably the best approach is to address the problem not stick your head in the sand. Kilberd is facilitating the deluded. Why is he doing it? Frankly I don’t know. But he needs to stop.

Couldn’t agree more.
This fella must have some money stashed in property
It is amazing that the sunday times editor allows that kind of nonsense to be published.

but as you rightly commented there will be people out there who believe this.


You can still read the UK edition of the Sunday Times including David Smiths articles on the net BB. The Times is the only Sunday paper I buy these days. I used to religiously get 3 Sundays. I abandoned the Sindo (FF inhouse social and personal) and the Sunday ‘RAR’ Tribune over a year ago. I like the Times so I won’t be abandoning it, even with Kiberd, its also handy to see what the latest VI spin is. However, I did not get it today as I didn’t get out of bed until after 5pm - don’t ask :wink:.

I stopped about 6months ago, Mrs FB2 was getting that distant look in her eyes over her toast on a Sunday morning when I used to rant about the spurting of his shortsighted shite. The pin doesn’t promote personal attacks on individuals so I just voted with my pocket and leave it at that. I’m sure most people who still buy it just skip page 4 at this stage.
Probably better though BB if you print off your post and send it to the ST; preaching to the converted and all that.

Bertie Basher did you not read the headline?

One small push and it’s Going off the Cliff :laughing:

I stopped reading the times when Andrew Neil became editor.

:blush: that rather dates me, doesn’t it?!

I stopped reading it when I grew out of the Funday Times supplement.

I never bought it because its owned by Rupert Murdoch - a genius, but an anti-democratic ba$tard.

How so?

I haven’t bothered with any Sunday newspapers in recent weeks.

However Sunday Times is best of a bad lot, IMO.


Bertie Basher…you are right on the money.

I stopped buying the sunday times about six months ago.The only newspaper I buy now is the Sunday Business Post.
I also stopped buying the Irish times and the Independent a long time ago.The notion the irish times is the paper of record is risible.

One thing I noticed about Kiberds columns in the Sunday Times when I did buy it was that it was often quite detailed and the analysis was quite rigorous even if I did nt agree with the premise of the article.
I could never quite square the intellectual force of these sunday times columns with his performance on Newstalks economics show on Saturday.

The conclusion I reached ,rightly or wrongly was that he did nt write those columns .I think he would say we gotta talk up the property market and someone else with an economics background would ghost write the article to reach the right conclusion.

Has anyone else got an opinion on that?

You guys can afford the Sunday Times? :open_mouth:

What are you doing on the Pin you posh gits! :smiley:

I agree with all of the above sentiments on Damian Kiberd - disgraceful journalism

I also think that the Irish Times daily is not worth buying as it doesnt include any commentary at all in the business section, just press releases from companies PR advisers and one article about stocks saying, this went up and this went down

The Sindo is everything people above say, but one almost needs to buy it to see what the 1 million readers are waking up to every Sunday, keep your enemies close etc

The papers to buy/read for real analysis on the economy and property markets are the Telegraph and the FT - the latter of which is absolutely genius these days, and called the top of the current bubble 2 years ago (oh and the economist which predicted the Irish house price crash about 3/4 years ago!)

Yea. I wouldn’t buy the above for the reasons you give. Think I’ll get the Sunday Business Post from now on.

By the way, give up the anphetamines. They’ll make you paranoid. :wink:

And give Murdock paper to wipe his hoop. No, let him buy his own toilet roll. :wink:

No artifical stimulation involved BB - just got lucky thats all. :slight_smile:

Oh ffs. This thread is turning in to “I read this paper because…” What newspaper you read is not a status symbol (although it appears to be for some people).

Personally, if I’ve nobody to talk to over lunch, I prefer to chew my mind over the Daily Mail than have to endure some of the pseudo-intellectual crap cum advertising that one has to endure in the so-called “quality papers”.

It’s all agenda-setting at the end of the day and I prefer my pick and choose strategy that the internet facilitates rather than being tied to one title because it’s part of my “social identity”.

To be fair. Nobody can see me reading the paper. I don’t talk about it (only here). I’m looking for in dept analysis from someone who is more knowedgable than I. So to suggest it is some kind of status symbol (in my case) is bizzare in the extreme. I don’t drive a fancy car I wear cloths from Pennys mostly. What other people think for the most part doesn’t come into it. And I know it’s the same for a lot of posters here. We had a thread a while ago about how frugal we were. Also I don’t think anyone who wears designer clothes, drives Landrover Vogues and has a girl friend who has a collection of Armani handbags, posts on the pin (except maybe Geckko :wink: )
So you are waaaaaaay off the mark.

I read Playboy… for the articles :laughing: