Time to wind down the banks

Time to wind down the banks => sbpost.ie/post/pages/p/whole … qqqx=1.asp

Where do I get an RPG and ammunition to go with it? to stop this the jail time will be worth it. :smiling_imp:

Becasue they are not democratic.

Depends what you think is the point of democracy.

The cheapest form of control.

Seeing that the “No to Nama” protest on Saturday was a disaster I think we need to get someone like DMcW to spearhead the campaign against the govt. He seems to be able to put the arguments against the creation of Nama in lay mans terms and is a media personality.

Week in and week out he is writing about the ills of Nama. If he is so passionate about the topic then maybe he should be trying to do something about it and galvanize the support of the people, or is he just content to churn out articles for a few bob.

Anyone out there who can put this to him personally?

I would suggest to go to his website and start leaving comments on the articles.


Worth a try, the other option would be to rush Enda Kenny to St Vincents and give him a spine transplant. Then with McWilliams, Lee and Bruton they could go round the country and bring out the masses and sell the idea along with 24x7 protests at the Dail calling for the government to resign. What a pity the opposition benches are much too comfortable, Labour and Fine Gael can doze away without doing any real work, it’s a missed opportunity because by the time they get to power FF will have left them to pick up the pieces.

Dont forget we need to give him a balls and a brain transplant as well.

A spine will do just fine. Bruton and Lee look after the details.

Yep because we pay for it. :imp:

I believe he once had an arse transplant but the hole rejected him.

The Old “new soles and uppers for a pair of Shoes”