Tipperary is the new Stepaside.

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On Stepaside versus Co. Tipperary debate from an investment point of view - you have to factor in lifestyle. Some facts:

  • apart from Stepaside, Tipperary has the highest population of commuting workers in the country. There are few jobs in the county. Also, it’s population is growing and some of the largest property investments are being made in the area - e.g. many of the newly half built ghost estates, all now greatly reduced, in various villiages in Tipperary which are less than 40 minutes by helicopter to Dublin hold great potential for the canny investor.
  • Tipperary is also approx 30 minutes drive from Limerick- the fourth larget shopping town in Ireland. I don’t mean to sound like the stereotypical 30 something yuppie that I am - but I don’t want to shop in the Ilac Centre, Stephen’s Green, Dundrum or Jervis street! Dublin prices are a ripoff. As for buying fresh produce - I’d rather go to the farmers market in Clomnel or Cahir were prices are MUCH cheaper than Dublin prices, rather than Moore street.
  • Tipperary is right in the middle of the newly upgraded M8 - Dublin’s busiest road servicing the majority southern Ireland.
  • Tipperary is also right in the middle (0 minutes drive!!) from some of the most beautiful scenery in Ireland.
  • The proposed route for Tipperary bypass will be going via Bansha and onto LImerick.
  • some people think that “just having the village pub” is a good thing (actually there are eighteen hundred pubs, too many to name in fact. All are cheaper than Dublin.
  • Tipperary like Stepaside has its own issues with the cocane snorting classes, though Tipp dwellers consumes less champage, preferring whiskey and bulmers and the jeeps have REAL mud on them. Also, we don’t have the polution both air, water and noise of a location just off one of the biggest car parks in Dublin.
  • Tipperary is approx 55 minutes drive from Cork - often referred to as the “real capital of Ireland”
  • at present, let’s face it - most of us drive - and fully intend on doing so in the foreseeable future. On the rare occasion I actually want to go anywhere - I take a horse, the helicopter or hitch a lift. It’s not a problem.
  • I don’t doubt that there are excellent investments to be made in the new Stepaside - however, it’s a lifestyle choice for the buyer / renter. For the same price as a 40 sq m apartment in the Stepaside you could buy a mansion in Tipperary - including three cows, a duck and room for a pony! Do you really want to live in a noisy, smoggy city - or would you prefer a location that has the best of both worlds - near to the town and in the country?
  • when push comes to shove - it’s all about supply and demand. 3 bed semis are usually in highest demand in Dublin but why buy those when you can get a decent sized DETACHED family house in tipperary?
  • however if it’s a choice between a tiny large apartments in the suburbs versus a nice family home in Tipperary- the latter is open to a greater pool of potential buyers (singles, couples, and possibly couples with small kids, ranchers, those looking to set up their own democracy) - and that’s what will survive the inevitable cooling in the property market.

Was talking to someone yesterday who moved from Dublin to Tipperary. The type of problems they hoped they would have left behind in Dublin found them in Tipperary too.
Mad EE neighbour peeing on their car, cars being vandalised and they’re still commuting (to Limerick).

Tipperary is well served by public transport with commuter rail services to Limerick (via Limerick Junction & Nenagh lines), Waterford (via Limerick Junction, Cork and Dublin.

There are some very smug posts in that Parkview thread…such as “I pity all u fools that bought in the second or third phases - looks like I’ve made about €50k!!!”

Aye :smiley: Never any delays, very frequent service - definitaly more than 2 trains a day (if I remember the waterford line correctly), always seats available and trains are never delayed arriving into the junction as once I heard over the tannoy ‘cos the train was late leaving Cork.’

Though I guess at least we have a mainline train service…

There are 8 trains daily on Limerick Junction & Waterford line with the 15.46 train from Limerick Junction going direct to Enniscorthy. Travelled many a time on that line from my time as a student in UL and never had a problem. Scenery is fantastic though. 8DD