TI's big fat renovation

There are a lot of renovations threads popping up I thought I’d share our own experience.

For those interested there are a collection of renovation advice threads here: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=61338&hilit

For a start:

This is our new minimalist kitchen. We are going for the industrial look, Im not sure if we should retain the lovely chandelier.

Don’t know about the chandelier but you should probably stick a flat worktop on that island unit in the middle. :smiley:

Aha! Was wondering why it was on wheels. Obviously to save on plumbing. Very ergonomic.

OMG! :open_mouth: You’ve been robbed! Did you get it on camera? Did the neighbours see anything? Have you reported it to the Garda? Does David Hall know about this? :nin

Don’t let the builder throw out those quarry tiles. They look like they’ll come up nice and clean and if the surface is still good on them they could be reused. If you need to get some to match in with them Deckclad/Kingswood Salvage have loads in stock.

I think we have the same period of tiles under our tiled kitchen floor in the palce we rent i.e. the fugly tiles there now were laid on top of the older ones. Such a shame!

Yes they are a nice terracotta, we are planning a polished concrete floor all the way to the front door so not sure what to do with them.

Ask if Kingswood Salvage want to have a few more in stock? :wink:

Hang on to them you might use them elsewhere possibly?

Ideal for his menagerie.

His ménage-à-what? :blush:

Looks like a big job . . . that I may be undertaking shortly . . . hence some questions:

  1. Did you hire an architect to draw up the new plans?
  2. Are you making any extensions?
  3. Are you happy with your builder?
  4. What is the cost per square meter of undertaking the works?

Yes, we are also using an Engineer, a Quantity Surveyor and other consultants eg Damp and insulation specialists.

There was a small existing very badly build 1 story extension which we knocked down and are rebuilding our own its less than 40sqm and is essentially the same footprint of the one we knocked down

Very Happy

Cost / sqm €2,320
Cost / sqft €216

That includes painting, decorating, carpets & furnishing ie the total price with nothing excluded.

@Terra, What kind of price per m2 are you paying for the concrete polishing? Thanks.

To build up the floor base: €110 / sqm then €75 / sqm for the polished finish.

Including VAT? Are you going for a special mix of aggregate or glass or any thing like that? Thanks.

+Vat. No special aggregate a simple screed finish. It will be in areas too small for the agitators with lots of corners and therefore we felt the variation in aggregate distribution would give too unpredictable a finish so hence the simple screed. It will also have underfloor heating in the base.

:imp: The House and shed were broken into, but thankfully there was nothing taken as you can see from the pic there is nothing at this stage to steal.

I’ll have to get some of Mantissas cameras.

Any other suggestions for protecting a vacant site especially once we start installing stuff of value?

Rent some big dogs.

Yes power but no internet