Title bar image illegible

New title bar image is illegible to me! (the one just below the ad)

Anyone else having this problem?

It’s covered in snow.


And here I was thinking it was an ECG of the Irish economy’s pulse from 2010 into 2011


Blue Horseshoe

A sign of the times / 2011 prognostication quote is needed IMHO

:blush: I was all excited for a minute, i thought it said ‘Tittie bar image’


Christmas is over, can we get the proper title image back?

There is no proper image. There never was. There is only change.

It’s a competition… Pinsters can submit their own designs care of OW… 8)

How can you make such bold official statements like that :angry:

Only one person has copped the hidden motif in the pyramid image. The know who they are. :nin

Through the looking glass?

…the winter of our discontent…

I’m just waiting for a burning cross to appear!


Ps - bled dry would be my non-freaked out interpretation.


How about a stone shaped like Ireland with a European syringe extracting blood from it?

How about the other way around? :laughing:

Yea, I thought that. Then again that might have been more appropriate for an earlier part of this saga such as “The Irish Property Bubble - Part I - The Phantom thread”

Ahhh I’ve worked it out.
This sign has been covered with a deep layer of chemtrails !


Just noticed that the whitewash has been power washed!