To buy or not to buy Castleknock or Carpenterstown?

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What areas/estates are you talking about?

In reply to open window’s list of possibilites the answer is: Technically all of the above. A mate of mine finished her mortgage last year. The house is in hartstown which most people would say Clonsilla/Blanchardstown. The deed document stated that the property was located in the Demense of Castleknock.

I live in Carpenterstown, this is also officially castleknock, but it’s not really, Carpenterstown is Carpenterstown.
If you want to live in castleknock then don’t buy in Carpenterstown!

The boundaries of castleknock have been extended recently to include all areas highlighted Green on the map.

Malone has extended its boundaries also - see red/pink colour on map.

So it’s market day in Castleknock then? Bring my wellies and sheep

OP…what exactly are you asking…?

I think you might be right … 15/2659361

The Oaks, Hollystown, Castleknock, Dublin 15

it’s not even Blanch or Carpenterstown - it’s fupping Hollystown or maaaaybe Tyrrelstown

I live in Carpenterstown (Riverwood). It’s nearly 3 miles from Castleknock. Happy to answer questions!

There are some nice places in the vicinity. Castleknock is lovely but very expensive.

I havent looked lately but a while ago prices in Chapelizod were looking fairly reasonable, Ive a feeling its somewhat of a hidden gem and if I hadnt my roots laid down I be looking there. Being close to the Park has many advantages in the long term like associations with Health, Nature excellent place to spend time with your children etc.

If it were me I’d stay as close to the Park as possible except maybe the town end.

Would help if you pinpointed a particular area then the merits could be discussed

I know people that live within a stones throw of the Carpenter pub, and they really like it there. Whenever we visit, it seems a pleasant place. Handy for the train or the bus or the M-50, airport is not that far and there are lots of good public and private schools nearby.

The houses near there were more or less all built by park developments and were, I think built through the 80’s/90’s and have reasonably big gardens and ok build quality.

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I just noticed that place in Hollystown - but address given as “Castleknock”… I thought it was amusing (the other thread re. “Castleknock creep” is locked)
As jonnyone pointed out in the quote practically everywhere in the country seems to be there

I wouldn’t classify Carpenterstown as Castlenock, its an extension of Blanchardstown\Clonsilla. That recent gruesome cannibal type murder would put one off Castleknock anyway.

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random events like this can happen anywhere. I mean yer man is Italian. Don’t go to Italy so?

That’s as smart as saying ‘Don’t play chess because theres a serious chance you could be killed’

Castleknock is actually quite a large parish and extends out to hollystown; so they address is correct - misleading but correct.

Sorry but that’s utterly incorrect to the degree one might use the term “bollox” to describe how outlandish that statement is. :laughing:

Look at the map!!

By that token Ballybough is in Clontarf.

have a read

Castleknock is also a civil parish which contains 22 townlands … this is related to the Barony of Castleknock that actually spreads out to as far as the Ward on the N2 ashbourne road

Oh Christ not the old Barony of Castleknock chestnut.

I live in Castleknock and can assure you and anyone in Corduff,Ongar,Mulhuddard and Finglas that think they are chattel of some feudal Lord poncing about in full battle armour looking for prima nocta opportunities that they have nowt to worry about on that score.