Tom Darcy, AIB & the Irish media cover-up

I find it difficult to believe that this case has not been reported anywhere in the media. There are serious vested interests at play here preventing this being reported on, this is potentially explosive and could be the end of AIB as we know it.

A citizen, Tom Darcy, has discovered that AIB has been operating without a banking license for several years now. The gravity of the case is enormous because, if proven, every loan, mortgage, credit card or any other form of lending that AIB has engaged in is illegal, due to their lack of a banking license. Tom has now issued criminal proceedings against AIB, with the permission of the Supreme Court. This happened on the 23rd of Feburary yet not one single Irish media outlet, newspaper, radio or TV decided to report it, despite the monumental implications of the case for AIB, the government and the citizens of Ireland … 2892298104

Radio interview with Tom here … ata_player


Seems to be, but it’s a very interesting case none the less.

It all seems a bit Freeman On The Land. Here’s what claims to be a transcription of his opening statement:

I mean there’s five or six paragraphs of this stuff, and at the end I’m asking myself “he’s seeking redress for what, exactly”?

He doesn’t want to pay back the money he borrowed, of course. On a point of principle.

They are not “freemen”, that term is thrown about here without much regard to context or detail.

These appear to be part of the Sovereign movement and it’s not more complicated other than the Government derives it’s authority from the people as it is the people who are sovereign. That’s it in a nutshell.

For example in the UK the Queen (monarch) is the Sovereign.

Ireland the people are the Sovereign.

How else could the Irish Gov gain their authority? The Constitution? … well what gives the Constitution its power… the people is all, afaict. If you have another answer more valid please feel free to offer it up.

It certainly raises awkward questions about the bailout.

Application for a Banking licence.

Expensive looking houses in Myra Manor, is this another Brendan and Asta Kelly (St Matthias Wood, Killiney) type thing? … 04,0,6.02

Please stick to the OP topic. Thanks.

No, I wasn’t saying he’s a “freeman”, just that what little information I could find about his Supreme Court case is reminiscent of the behaviour of the freemen (FotL) in English courts. All this stuff about “oath of office” is obscurantist at best.

So wouldn’t it be simpler to say “AIB was acting without authority when they lent me/asked me to return the 17.2 million”.

This was posted on McWilliams website last week: … ent-132275

Ben Gilroy’s ‘successes’ have been based solely on his ability to assemble enough bodies to intimidate court officers on their initial attempt to repossess foreclosed property. The repossession invariably succeeds at a later date. To say that Gilroy is armed ‘with knowledge and information’ is sadly very far from the truth. All he is armed with is bluster and that is why his ‘successes’ are only ever temporary.

If Tom Darcy is being held up as another Gilroy then I think it’s safe to assume that the reason the story isn’t being covered in the media is because there is no story.