Tom mcEvaddy ( Nexus) back in the UK


We documented the Nexus situation some years back. When the crash hit he was caught with a load of €1m houses in Carraig an iolair in Barna and Bramley in Oranmore plus a couple of sites. Fair play to Tom…he didn’t hang around. … h-collapse

I bet that if he was a banker they would have done something about him :nin


Affluent Wembley Park’???!!!

Someone is pulling their leg…


Not filing for bankruptcy then?
Their short-term flats on Maunsells Road appear to be popular … views.aspx


I was sure that AIB …the main lender… had taken over Fort Eyre House. Describing the middle of Shantalla and across the road from Shantalla National school as being on the “outskirts of salthill” on the travel booking sites is typical of what a banker would do :frowning:

Either that or NAMA has them , more history here and ultra tatty streetview here


Fort Eyre is up for sale.
12 residential & 1 commercial premises. Asking price is €1.3m
I can’t find a link.


I’m surprised that the auctioneer has not mentioned the fact that the ‘Father of the Electron’ lived across the road at one time. Other news from Galway is that O Malleys are in receiveship since last week. Not worth a thread of its own.

Meanwhile see the Electron story here


Galway builder whose company went bust is back in business


And McEvaddy is back in Barna…next door to the Thornberry estate!


As he himself developed Thornberry I wonder how McEvaddy held onto the land to the north of it seeing as half the banks were looking for money off him and he was not for paying them,