Tom Parlon: ESRI "would suck the life out of the economy"

Reported by, 6th July 2011



In all fairness to Mr. Parlon et al in the CIF, we sould listen to them on this one, afterall, IMHO, they are experts in promoting failed economic polices and helping to suck the life out of an economy.

Then again, maybe not.

:unamused: Pot … Kettle … Black.

Blue Horseshoe

Heard Pat Rabbitte on RTE Radio in recent weeks.

To paraphase, he said that he would take as much notice of the CIF giving advice on construction matters as he would of Fianna Fail giving advice on economics!

Nice one Pat! :laughing:

I dont see him doing fuck all different than FF & the Greens

The difference is that FF & the Greens had alternatives all the way along & fucked up at every decision point.

The current Government have the IMF & ECB to deal with, so they don’t have any wiggle room on anything !